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Mysticscopes for Week of June 5, 2023

This week's collective card - Chang-O! ✨ A weekly horoscope tarot and oracle card reading featuring the Mystic Mondays decks by creator Grace Duong. Watch on YouTube or listen to the podcast episode!
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Hello, I'm Grace, the creator of Mystic Mondays, and welcome to this week's Mysticscopes of June 5th, 2023.

This past Saturday we had the Full Moon in Sagittarius asking us to explore. Whether that's physically with actual travel or exploring your city or neighborhood, or even emotionally exploring the depths of your soul, which is pretty deep. Notice what is coming up for you during this time to this energetic vibration by aligning our actions with our desires.

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Check out the GRACED podcast episode with Raven Rose

If you haven't checked out the latest podcast guest I interviewed, Raven Rose, a menstrual herbalist, Kambo practitioner, and womb healer. We talked about the themes of the Empress card, connecting to your womb, AKA creative center, accessing your ancestors through dreamwork and so much more. Here's a clip from the episode.

So I got back into dreamwork and just asked my ancestors to help me and to guide me, and they came through in a really big way through my dreams and then as I started learning Tarot, actually, I was trying to read all the books and learn about the cards, and eventually I started doing readings for my family, and my dad told me that my great-grandmother also used to read Tarot, and one of my aunts used to read Tarot. So when I learned that, I reached out to them through dreamwork and received so much guidance from them about how to read Tarot, how to work with energy, how to dig deeper into plant medicine and dreamwork. And the relationship that I have with my ancestors has just blossomed ever since.

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Now on to the collective card reading of the week.

Collective Tarot Reading from the Legendary Ladies Deck

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This week's collective Oracle card reading is from the Legendary Ladies Deck by Ann Shen. Let's see what card wants to be present for the collective this week?

Okay, I've got Chang-O, Divine Feminine, and I'm going to check the Legendary Ladies guidebook to read the meaning of this card.


Origin: Chinese

Goddess of the Moon, Chang-O, appears before people to grant their inner most wishes and answer their questions. Look within yourself and indulge in some yin or feminine practices. Activities like spending time alone, journaling, or taking a bath to hear her answers.

So this card is really asking you to connect to your Divine Feminine, no matter what gender you are, because we all can embrace the power of Divine Feminine, which in a lot of ways is just receptivity, receiving, and slowing down. Sometimes we need to slow down to hear the answers, and we need to be in a relaxed state in order to receive those answers. So embodying more Divine Feminine energy is really the message that is coming through this week. How can you relax more? How can you nourish yourself more? What activities feel nourishing to you. Let me know in the comments how you decide to treat yourself this week to embrace this Divine Feminine energy.

Alright, so onto the Mysticscopes.

Before we get started, I wanted to explain how this works. I'll be pulling one card for each Zodiac sign from one of the Mystic Mondays decks. You can click on the timestamp below for your signs. It's recommended you check out your sun, moon, and rising signs.

Here we go.


Mysticscopes - Ladybug Card - Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures Deck by Grace Duong

♈ Aries: Ladybug

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Hello, Aries. This week you've got Ladybug from the Cosmic Creatures deck. The Ladybug is known as a good luck charm, so look out for any miracles that are appearing for you this week. This is also a time to express gratitude, and that energy of gratitude is going to bring in even more abundance by aligning your vibration to the vibration of gratitude. The ladybug is also a sign that if you felt like you've been going through a transformation, that this transformation will be worth it. Because all of that work will have paid off over time. You've learned so many lessons along the way, and now it's time to enjoy the journey. The ladybug is asking you to be bold and to step out into the world as your bright, shiny self. 

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Mysticscopes - Descendant Card - Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment Deck by Grace Duong

♉ Taurus:  Descendant

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Hello, Taurus. This week you've got Descendant from the Astro Alignment deck. The Descendant is opposite the Ascendant, most popularly known as the rising sign. So look to your chart and look to the opposite of where your rising sign is to see what characteristics of this Descendant is bringing up for you. However, we typically look to the Descendant because those characteristics are typically things that we see in others and what we want to embody more in ourselves. The Descendant is in axis that is focused on partnership, so on "us" and the ascendant is an access focused on identity, so on "me". With the descendant being your focus this week, this is a call to focus on your relationships and see how you've been participating in them. What relationships are giving you life, and what relationships are draining you? This is a great time to reevaluate the types of relationships you have in your life and what you'd like to call more of into your life. 

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Mysticscopes - Queen of Cups Card - Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck by Grace Duong

♊ Gemini: Queen of Cups

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Hello, Gemini. This week you've got Queen of Cups from the Mystic Mondays Tarot deck. The Queen of Cups is asking you to connect to your intuition and your compassion. How can you share this compassionate side of yourself with the people in your life and also with yourself? Do you need to set healthy boundaries? And what does that look like? This is also a great time to express any artistic curiosities. So if you feel like painting or journaling or collaging, this is a really great time to express those parts of yourself. Since the Queen of Cups is associated with the elements of water, make sure that whatever you're doing to express yourself is connected to your emotions and allowing you to express that emotional part of yourself. This is a time to be kind, so if anything is coming up for you to treat yourself with the level of kindness and respect that you would treat anybody else. Sometimes we can be really hard on ourselves, and the Queen of Cups is here to remind you that it's okay to receive nurturing, care and support.

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Mysticscopes - Lazulite Card - Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck by Grace Duong

♋ Cancer: Lazulite

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Hello, Cancer. This week you've got Lazulite from the Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid deck. Lazulite brings the effect of heaven on Earth, seen through its luminescence, blue of the color of the crystal. This blue stimulates the third eye and activates any psychic visions that you might be having. Allow yourself to clear any stress, any anxiety that might be lingering in your energetic field, and instead envision a future where you are living your ideal life, what does this dream look like and how can you bring it into a physical manifestation? The key is to feel the feelings that you'd like to feel in your everyday lives. So instead of focusing on the things that you don't want to feel, this is a great reminder to focus on the things that you do want to feel and allow those feelings to bridge the gap between what you want and how to get there. 

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Mysticscopes - Tiger Card - Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures Deck by Grace Duong

♌ Leo: Tiger

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Hello, Leo. This week you've got Tiger from the Cosmic Creatures Deck as a fellow feline. This Tiger is a great energetic match. For you to step into your majesty, your majestic, full embodied self. The Tiger is here to aid you throughout any obstacles that come your way, and not only face them, but also thrive in the challenge. If you've been questioning yourself or asking what to focus on, the Tiger is here to help you decide and to make decisions that allow you to leap across any challenges with ease and grace. The Tiger is also asking you to focus on your priorities. So if that means resting and taking time out to care for yourself, then definitely do so at this time. Leo, the Tiger's asking you to own your power to claim your throne. This is the time.

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Mysticscopes - Pluto Card - Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment Deck by Grace Duong

♍ Virgo: Pluto

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Hello, Virgo. This week you've got Pluto from the Astro Alignment deck. Pluto is an outer planet and is known as the God of the Underworld, so a lot of deep transformation, death, rebirth, and themes of regeneration. Pluto tends to bring up subconscious shadows and things that have been bubbling up under the surface. So this week, make sure to look at any subconscious beliefs that may have been holding you back. So anything that feels limiting or anything that brings up fear. Pluto also tends to be a planet that affects the generation because it's an outer planet, which means it orbits slowly. So you and the population in general are going through some deep themes of healing, death, rebirth, and becoming your most authentic self by facing your shadows.

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Mysticscopes - The Sun Card - Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck by Grace Duong

♎ Libra: The Sun

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Hello, Libra. This week you've got The Sun from the Mystic Mondays Tarot deck. So this is a great week to soak in those positive vibes and to embrace any ray of abundance that is coming your way. This is a great time to step into your full confident self and to activate your inner child, to invite your inner child to come out to play. The Sun is here to remind you to have some fun and is confirming that you are in a positive space right now. And if you feel like you're not, this is a great reframe for you to spin any thoughts into a positive way. What can you receive at this time? What are you grateful for? And what do you wanna call in, in terms of abundance to expand your potential and abundance? Allow yourself to enjoy the moment and to be present because the sun rays are beaming upon you with love and assurance that you are on the right path. 

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Mysticscopes - Cobalto Calcite Card - Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck by Grace Duong

♏ Scorpio: Cobalto Calcite

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Hello, Scorpio. This week you've got Cobalto Calcite from the Crystal Grid deck. Cobalto Calcite is associated with the heart chakra and is activating your expansion of receiving love and how to receive love with no expectations. This is a great crystal to aid in any emotional keel that needs to happen right now so that your heart can expand to its fullest capacity to give and receive love. Cobalto Calcite is also associated with the planet Venus, and so if you can do any rituals surrounded around beauty, love, and abundance, that would greatly help you at this time. Self-love rituals are very much encouraged with the Cobalto Calcite and anything that you can do to send love to your inner child, treating yourself with the utmost respect and care.

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Mysticscopes - Fly Card - Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures Deck by Grace Duong

♐ Sagittarius: Fly

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Hello, Sagittarius. This week you've got Fly from the Cosmic Creatures deck. Although the Fly is typically seen as a household pest, the Fly has great grit and is aiding you through these challenges by imbuing your natural ability to survive in challenging situations. The Fly is incredibly important for the cycle of life, cleaning up waste by consuming matter, and helping spread fertilization for the next generation of plants. So take the Fly as a sign for you to clean up any messes, anything that needs to be tied, any loose ends, anything that needs to be tied together. The Fly is aiding you to get clear and to get clean. The Fly is not a glamorous cosmic creature. However, the Fly is here to show you that not every life situation is glamorous, and that sometimes we do need to get our hands dirty to get the job done.

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Mysticscopes - Supermoon Card - Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment Deck by Grace Duong

♑ Capricorn: Supermoon

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Hello, Capricorn. This week you've got Supermoon from the Astro Alignment deck. A Supermoon is when the moon appears brighter and bigger in the sky because it is actually closer to the earth at this time. The Supermoon brings hyperawareness and illuminates what needs to be brought out into consciousness from these subconscious. It's also a call for more intimacy. Which can be intimacy with others in your life, but it can also be intimacy with yourself. How can you show yourself another level of care and nurturance for your own needs? And how can you prioritize your needs more effectively? Are you able to communicate your needs? Do you know what your needs are? Sometimes we need to take a step inward in order to find what we truly need to be nurtured. Allow yourself to take a step back now and to really figure out what your needs are, what your priorities are, and what you want to focus on. 

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Mysticscopes - Two of Pentacles Card - Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck by Grace Duong

♒ Aquarius: Two of Pentacles

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Hello, Aquarius. This week you've got Two of Pentacles from the Mystic Mondays Tarot deck. This card is a great sign to get your daily affairs into order, so your rituals, your routines, how you're handling your priorities, and what you're focusing on. This is a very practical card and want to get your head out of the clouds and into the day-to-day. This card is all about taking daily action to achieve your goals. So if you need to reverse engineer your goals to see exactly what you need to do, this would be a really great time to strategize and to see how you can bring more structure and regimentation into your routines. The Two of Pentacles also has the infinity symbol, which represents unlimited abundance, unlimited time. And so if you had all of the resources at your fingertips, what would you do? How would you do things differently? Let that guide you into another perspective of how you can approach your day-to-day affairs and everyday life.

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Mysticscopes - Golden Healer Card - Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck by Grace Duong

♓ Pisces: Golden Healer

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Hello, Pisces. This week you've got Golden Healer from the Crystal Grid deck. The Golden Healer is a great card that brings universal life force into your life. So expect an expansion of energy, a surge, a desire to explore more. This universal life force brings more abundance, more awareness, and more fun. It activates your solar plexus and highlights your self worth. However, if there are things. Things that you need to release themes around the Solar Plexus. So identity, self-worth, and anything that might be blocking you from expressing the fullest, authentic version of yourself can also come up during this time. It's a great time to release any blocks around that area, and that all comes down to your awareness of what needs to be released. So take the time that you need to use this universal life force to aid you in releasing any trauma. And any blocks from expressing your fullest, most authentic self.

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