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Mystic Mondays App

Take the Mystic Mondays Tarot & Oracle cards wherever you are! Draw your cards of the day and complete your rituals, journal, and get unique insights based on your card draws 🔮

Mystic Mondays App

App Features

🔮 Daily Card Draws

Create a daily ritual by drawing Tarot and Oracle cards every day

📚 Library

Access the full Tarot and Oracle library of the Mystic Mondays cards

🗓️ Calendar

View all your card draws and journal entries on a monthly calendar

📊 Insights

Optimize your daily card rituals with reflection and data

💖 Personalized Reports

Learn different aspects of yourself and increase self-awareness

🔔 Notifications

Set custom notifications to draw cards based on your schedule

Mystic MOndays App

Join the Daily Tarot Challenge 💫

Draw your Tarot and Oracle cards everyday for a chance to win the prize of the month! The Mystic Mondays Daily Tarot Challenge is hosted inside our community ✨

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🌟 Reviews from the App Store

I absolutely love this App and it helps me on my journey every day, it also gives me the ability to reflect on things I have learned when I am feeling down and need a reminder. Thank you so much to the creator and all the members on her team 💜!

Marisa Beedle - Android User

Mystic Mondays App

App Support

Do you need help with the Mystic Mondays App? Submit an app bug report through this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 🐞

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