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Where it all began

It all started with a Tarot deck...

Mystic Mondays was created with the desire to integrate ancient wisdom into the ways of modern life. By introducing vibrant color and simplistic geometric shapes into the Tarot, Mystic Mondays gets straight to the heart of the matter so that you tap into your intuition without getting intimidated or stuck in symbolism. Your presence is a gift, and using intuitive tools like Tarot can help you listen to your inner voice to become your most authentic self in the world! 💫

Mystic Mondays

Timeline of Deck Releases

Mystic Mondays Kickstarter

Launched in May 15, 2018 🚀

Creator of Mystic Mondays

Grace Duong 🔮

Grace is the artist, author, and founder of Mystic Mondays. After moving to Los Angeles out of college, Grace was fired from her job and fell into a depression. She sought an energy healer and also received Tarot readings frequently because it felt like a form of therapy. Embracing spiritual wellness has been instrumental in her journey of healing and personal development. Feeling a pull to use her graphic design background with her passions, she pursued creating her own Tarot deck, which was launched as a Kickstarter. Mystic Mondays has since been published and expanded into four decks, an app, and other products designed to enhance your life with everyday magic ✨

Grace is also a teacher, speaker, multi-disciplinary artist, and host of the Mystic Mondays podcast 💖

Grace is currently based in Philadelphia and travels often 🪐

Mystic Mondays


We fill the void with vibrant magic through spiritual wellness and daily rituals 🔮

We craft innovative products, resources, and experiences that invoke everyday magic, where the Mystic Mondays community can transcend inner awareness into outer reality.

Mystic Mondays


Our values are the core of everything we do and acts as our North Star that guides us forward 💫

✨ Magic

Invoking imagination & creativity

🔮 Intention

Aligning our actions with purpose

🌈 Vibrancy

Saturated with bright energy

🌞 Innovation

Future forward ideation

🛸 Transcendence

Always reaching for beyond

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