49 Gifts You'll Probably End Up Stealing From Your Sister

49 Gifts You'll Probably End Up Stealing From Your Sister

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As someone who's grown up with a sister, you already know that sisters share everything, for better or worse. That's why you want to make sure you save the best present for her, whether it's the latest TikTok-viral beauty products or merch from your favorite TV show. Since you're constantly stealing stuff from her closet anyway, you're low-key shopping for yourself when snagging gifts for your sister. You may as well make the best of it with one of the super cool options below.

Whether you're looking for practical presents under $20 or thoughtful personalized presents, we're here to help. Seventeen's own shopping experts have rounded up a variety of chic gifts for yourself — we mean, your sister — ranging from functional, practical, and useful gifts to straight-up IG-worthy accessories (see: this purse shaped like a disco ball). Seriously, this list of the best gifts for sisters has everything from prank gifts to cute and innovative room decor you'll want to borrow all the time.

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