Mystic Mondays Tarot Review

Mystic Mondays Tarot Review

Excerpt from the article:

Mystic Mondays is a modern tarot deck created by artist and illustrator Grace Duong. It features colorful, vector-style illustrations. The Mystic Mondays feels fresh and summery with motifs of tropical fauna and flora. It’s colorful and minimalist with a hint of a vaporwave aesthetic.

Mystic Mondays uses a minimalist style to convey tarot archetypes and meanings. Figures in the deck lack facial details beyond hair and a mouth. I find that this style of portraying characters and scenes facilitates tapping into your subconscious during a reading. This makes the deck excellent for meditation, intuitive readings, and tarot journaling. For beginners, you might find yourself hung up on cards in the Minor Arcana that are non-illustrative. Luckily, there’s a great guidebook that comes with each deck. The naming of the cards follows traditional Rider-Waite-Smith titles with the exception of Princesses as Pages.

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