These Capricorn-Ready Gifts Will Work Hard (And Play Harder)

These Capricorn-Ready Gifts Will Work Hard (And Play Harder)

Excerpt from the article:

"Capricorn season falls right before and after the holidays, which means sometimes they get slighted by not getting lots of love and presents on their birthday," resident celestial expert Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. Well, if 2021 has shown us anything, it's that we all deserve a little (or a lot) something-something on our birthday — which is precisely why we've created the ultimate astrology gift guide for the Saturn-ruled Capricorns, the "work hard, play hard" signs of the zodiac.

"Known for their workhorse, no-BS attitude, the earthy sea-goat enjoys a precious gift to show that they are appreciated and loved for all the hard work they do," Stardust adds. From a live, floating terrarium that a Cap will attentively maintain to a tarot deck to help them access their mystical side, find 20 unique gift ideas for that ambitious, wise-beyond-their-years, and ever-so-slightly obsessive Capricorn in the slides ahead.

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