This Is The Deck That Will Get You Into Tarot Cards

This Is The Deck That Will Get You Into Tarot Cards

Excerpt from the article:

It took a long time for Grace Duong to actually get into tarot. She says the cards just didn't feel relatable to her. From their old-fashioned art to their esoteric descriptions, traditional tarot decks were presented in a way that was hard for Duong to connect with — so she created her own spin on this centuries-old form of divination with Mystic Mondays, a new tarot deck that's on Kickstarter now.

Duong tells Refinery29 that Mystic Mondays is for the "modern mystic," or someone who prefers to take a lighthearted approach to their spiritual practice. Or, to put it another way, she says this tarot deck is a great fit for anyone "who likes to be chill but who also believes in the power of themselves and the people around them." Are any millennials' ears burning?

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