Mystic Mondays' 'Crystal Grid Deck' is a Beautiful Keepsake

Mystic Mondays' 'Crystal Grid Deck' is a Beautiful Keepsake

Excerpt from the article:

The 'Crystal Grid Deck' from Mystic Mondays is a great gifting option for those in search of a keepsake for a friend or family member who already loves gemstones and the energy-boosting properties they're thought to offer, or who is just looking to learn more about healing crystals.

Mystic Monday's deck comes with 80 cards that feature vibrant illustrations of different gemstones, which are cut into hexagons to allow users to place them together in curated grids and spreads to amplify their intention-setting. In addition to these 3D illustrations, all of the cards contain information on each crystal's properties—including notes on its uses, chakra, and zodiac connections. 

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