Ways to Stay Sane and Relaxed During a Pandemic

Ways to Stay Sane and Relaxed During a Pandemic

Excerpt from the article:

I like to think of myself as a well-rounded anxious person. I have situational anxiety—like with public speaking and flying—as well as general anxiety about everything else. What if the elevator I’m in breaks down? What if the subway gets stuck underground? What if the giant rock we’re living on decides to suddenly spin out into the depths of space?

Still, I thought we were starting to put the dread of this horrible pandemic behind us. Now, however, with the Delta variant once again raising infections and filling hospitals, we face another possible winter in quarantine. Even for those less prone to everyday anxieties, things haven't been normal for a while. A continuous stream of bad news takes its toll on the mind. I've curated some suggestions to help make your living quarters comfy and your mind calm.

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