Tarot Reading with Grace - 1 Hour
Tarot Reading with Grace - 1 Hour

Mystic Mondays

Tarot Reading with Grace - 1 Hour

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Book a one-on-one tarot session with the creator of Mystic Mondays, Grace Duong!

I am an artist and intuitive, bridging the gap between art, tech, and modern spirituality. My belief is that we can all access this divine power that resides in all of us, if we are given the right tools. Since creating my own tarot deck, I have dived deep into tarot and how we can use it as an intuition tool to help give us perspective on our everyday lives. This is about empowering ourselves with the choices we face and how oftentimes what we face externally, is reflected in your own inner world.

As a tarot reader, I help guide you to the core of your deeper questions - what challenges you face, healing old wounds, what patterns need to be broken to evolve and change, what you can clear, in essence - doing the "work". 

The magic lives inside all of us, and I help you realize the everyday magic within you.

Tarot is often an affirmation, a source of comfort as we go along our paths. Working together, we will bring focus, clarity, and proposed action steps towards your own personal journey and evolution.

60 minute readings are for in-depth looks through the cards, where we take the time needed to dive into all the details and provide you with the perspective that you need. 

Tarot Readings take place via Zoom and are recorded.


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