Golden Enhydro Herkimer Crystal Grid Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

Golden Enhydro Herkimer - Crystal Card Meaning

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Keywords: Sunshine, Vitality, Joy

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Planet: Sun

Zodiac: Sagittarius


Containing floating gold liquid, Gold Enhydro Herkimer is named after the oil suspended within the crystal. Rare and possessing wisdom from the Himalayas, where it is found, this stone stimulates the third eye and enhances intuition and connection to the universe. Golden Enhydro Herkimer promotes gender fluidity and acceptance, assisting in transitions and connecting with one’s gender or healing wounds. Strongly tied to the solar plexus, Golden Enhydro Herkimer can clear out emotional baggage from many lifetimes. Live out loud and proud!


Golden Enhydro Herkimer - Crystal Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Golden Enhydro Herkimer Crystal Grid Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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