New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius

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The new moon in Sagittarius this year is extra special. Sitting next to Jupiter, its ruling planet, this new moon will be the last of its kind in Sagittarius until 2030. The planet of good luck, expansion, and optimism, Jupiter wants all of us to believe in ourselves, no matter how many times we’ve failed or what obstacles are in our path. A healthy dose of faith this season will take you farther than you can ever imagine. To make the most of this energy, set an intention with this new moon that challenges any limiting beliefs you have about what’s possible for yourself. Sagittarius season wants us all to grow fast and go far! 


Landing in your ninth house of spirituality, travel, and higher learning, this new moon wants you to dream big. Jupiter has been blessing this part of your chart for the past year now, and will leave Sagittarius on December 2nd. This means now is the time for you to really focus on looking at where you want to be five, ten, or twenty years from now. Don’t tell yourself anything is impossible—with astrology like this, anything can be accomplished. Getting to where you want to go will take time and patience, but the beauty of Sagittarius energy is that it connects us with optimism in spite of challenges. Remember why you believe in yourself. You’re going places.

Envision: Faith



The new moon falls in your eighth house of death, mental anguish, and transformation. Astrological transits in this part of the chart can sometimes be tough to work with, but Jupiter has been moving through your eighth house all year, gifting you with major support and blessings when it comes to your healing. This lunar cycle, you might realize that something that has felt heavy for a long time suddenly feels lighter. You’ve done so much work to love yourself better this year, and, with this new moon, you’re setting an intention that will help you embody that change. Thank yourself for that! You’re clearing away old cycles, and are ready to fully embrace a new beginning. 

Envision: Transformation



Jupiter has been transiting through your seventh house of romantic and business relationships all year, bringing major blessings to this area of life. Whether this year has connected you with possibilities of partnership beyond your wildest beliefs, or simply helped you clear out relationships that no longer serve you, there’s no doubt that you’ve grown tremendously in this area of life over the past twelve months. The new moon also falls in this house, and wants to help you integrate everything you’ve learned. Think deeply and optimistically about the types of partnership you want to call in. Commit to holding the boundaries you will need to in order to make space for that kind of relationship. And celebrate your growth! 

Envision: Relationship goals



The new moon illuminates your sixth house of work, routine, and employment, gifting you with a great idea or a new project or maybe just a little more energy to work than you usually have. Jupiter has been transiting through this house all year, helping you to remember the inspiration that lies behind your hard work. Remembering why you do what it is that you do will help you get through the toughest days and the longest nights. Do something this season that reminds you of something you’re passionate about in work, no matter how small. Working with what inspires you will do wonders for your career!

Envision: Inspiration



Landing in your fifth house of fun, pleasure, and creative energy, this new moon may come in the form of inspiration striking, or an invitation to a party, or simply a desire to play. Whatever the source of fun is, give it your all. Jupiter has been in this part of your chart all year, reminding you of your tremendous creative power and of the healing that comes when you just let yourself have a good time. Make the most of this gorgeous new moon by saying yes to the invites, saying yes to your inner artist, and saying yes to your inner child. Create without worrying who will see your art and what they’ll think. Give yourself permission to play!  

Envision: The most fun you've ever had



All year, Jupiter has been moving through your fourth house of home, family and foundations, helping you feel supported by those that love you and reconnect with your roots. The new moon also falls in this part of your chart invites you to set an intention in this area of life. This could be anything from beautifying your home, to setting up a regular call with a family member you miss, to resolving conflict you have with your roomies. Your home space can be such an important source of nourishment, a much-needed space to relax and recharge. Do whatever you need to do to let yourself feel that support. 

Envision: Recharging



This new moon lands in your third house of ritual, routine, and communication, inviting you to create a little more space in your schedule for things that make you feel good. Jupiter has been moving through this part of your chart all year, helping you to remember your priorities and clear away commitments that don’t align with them. This new moon is a good time to invite something into your schedule, preferably, something just for fun. Sign up for that dance class, or a meditation practice, or to doing something creative every day. Sagittarius season rewards us when we make commitments to what brings us the most joy. So remember to prioritize yours! 

Envision: More fun on your calendar



Sitting with Jupiter in your second house of money, finances, and internal resources, this new moon wants you to expand the ways you provide support to yourself. Jupiter has been in this part of your chart for all of 2019, helping you connect with new financial opportunities, emotional resources, or maybe a solid savings plan. This new moon helps you to connect with the support that you’ve received over the year, whether financial or otherwise, and use it to invest in your future. Remember that your bank account exists to support you—it’s okay to use hard-earned money to pay for things to support your personal-development and wellbeing! Be generous with yourself this season. 

Envision: Investing in yourself



Landing in your first house of self, this new moon comes as a huge opportunity for you. Jupiter has been blessing this part of your chart all year, helping you to deeply connect with yourself—learning to appreciate your talents, learning not to undersell yourself, learning to dream big about the person you’d like to be in the future. The new moon asks you to appreciate everything you’ve learned about yourself and what’s possible for you this year. You’re growing into the person you’re meant to be, and that’s no small feat! Now is the time to plant the seed for how you’ll sustain that growth in the future. 

Envision: Your time to shine!



As Jupiter has moved through your twelfth house of suffering, karmic patterns, and inner life this year, it’s helped you to heal wounds you may have been carrying around for a long time. The new moon sits next to Jupiter, and presents you with new opportunities in this area of life. The twelfth house is a difficult one to work with, but what’s beautiful about this part of the chart is that it helps us to convert wounds we’ve processed into creative energy. This new moon wants to help you do just that. This lunar cycle may be a good time for you to write, or draw, or turn to whatever creative pursuits you most enjoy. You have so much to work with! 

Envision: Channeling creative energy



2019 has been such an expansive year for you—Jupiter has been moving through your eleventh house of friends, community, and hope for the future, connecting you with people who believe in you and your dreams even when you don’t believe in yourself. The new moon also sits in this house next to Jupiter, and wants you to renew your commitment to the communities that are most important to you. Spend time with people who share your dreams, who inspire you, who fill your cup. Remember to be generous with what you offer others, as well. In anything we do, we are stronger together. So connect with your people!

Envision: Community



2019 has been huge for you in terms of work. Jupiter is moving through your tenth house of public roles and career, expanding what you imagine to be possible for yourself in your career and connecting you with opportunities that have taken you far. This new moon also lands in this part of your chart, and wants to help you set an intention for career growth over the next six months that builds on everything you’ve accomplished this year. Take some time to remind yourself of what has inspired you to work so hard this year. Why do you do what you do? Connecting with the why behind your hustle is what will make a huge difference this season. 

Envision: Leveling up 




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