New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio

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Sitting in an exact opposition to Uranus, the new moon in Scorpio is no joke. Uranus rules surprises, upheaval, and revolution, and, in aspect with the new moon, offers us the revelations we may need to make major changes this lunar cycle. Scorpio energy is all about deep dives into our subconscious, searching for what doesn’t serve us and developing the courage to get rid of it. Scorpio season is all about our evolution. Scorpio season is all about our liberation. Working with this energy can be intense, but trust that moving through the dark is in your highest good. This astrology wants to liberate you from what holds you back from becoming the strongest version of yourself.


Landing in your eighth house of death, transformation, and mental anguish, this new moon wants to help you heal some of your oldest wounds. Astrological transits that occur in this house invites you to rethink old beliefs that hold you back or weigh you down. Opposing Uranus in your second house of inner resources, this new moon invites you to reconnect with the many ways that you can provide emotional support to yourself. How can you reframe the stories you tell yourself about your own worth and value? Work with this astrology to become a better friend to yourself, and you will grow so much this cycle! 

Envision: Healing


You’ve been doing a lot of work on yourself recently, Taurus, but the astrological transits of Scorpio season want to help you to think more about relationships. Falling in your seventh house of romantic and business partnerships, this new moon invites you to take a good look at your relationship goals this lunar cycle. The sun and moon sit in an exact opposition to Uranus, encouraging you to think far outside of the box. It’s likely that the relationship models you’ve had before, or that you’ve wanted before, are no longer fitting for the person you’re becoming—and you’ve been changing a lot recently. So seek out partnerships that encourage you and celebrate your growth!

Envision: Rethinking your relationships


Libra season helped you connect with your creativity, Gemini, and the new moon in Scorpio encourages you to channel this into your work. Landing in the sixth house of work, routine, employers and employees, this new moon provides you with extra energy or new ideas to work with in your professional life. The ruler of this lunation, Mars, is still in your fifth house of erotic and creative energy, helping you to infuse your work life with your artistic spirit. The astrological transits of this lunar cycle support you in finding innovative solutions to obstacles, and finally start turning your dream projects into a reality. Don’t be afraid to take risks this season—they’re likely to take you far! 

Envision: Taking the road less travelled by


The full moon in Aries was all about your career, and while you still may be enjoying the fruits of your labor, Scorpio season wants you to turn your attention towards your creative life. Landing in your fifth house of pleasure, play, and creative and erotic energy, the new moon in Scorpio provides you with the inspiration to connect with your inner artist. Remember, your art doesn’t have to be for anyone besides yourself, so give yourself permission to create without inhibitions. You’ve worked hard over the past couple of cycles—now it’s time to give yourself permission to have fun! You’ve earned it.

Envision: Play 


Landing in your fourth house of home, family, and foundations, the new moon in Scorpio invites you to turn over a new leaf with your given or chosen family. Ruled by Mars, the planet of assertion, and in opposition to revolutionary Uranus, the energy of this new moon encourages you to take action fast. Whether that looks like distancing yourself from folks you’re not able to have productive relationships with, or releasing inherited beliefs from family that no longer serve you, this lunar cycle wants to free you from the aspects of your foundation that hold you back. Remember, you’re allowed to be different from the person you were raised to be. You’re allowed to be you! 

Envision: Freedom from family pressure 


The last full moon had you doing a lot of introspection, focusing on the many ways in which you’ve changed and grown over the past year. While a little bit of alone time goes a long way, Scorpio season wants to help you connect with the people that support you. Landing in your third house of siblings, close friends, neighbors and routine, the new moon in Scorpio encourages you to spend time with the people closest to you. Spending time with those that have been there with you and for you literally every step of the way provides you with much-needed down time and emotional support. Remember, you don’t have to do it all alone! 

Envision: Your ride-or-dies


Landing in your second house of finances, money, and inner resources, the new moon in Scorpio helps you to get your bank accounts in order. Whether you’re trying to save or getting up the courage to ask for a raise, this lunar cycle invites you to set goals regarding your finances. The ruler of this new moon, Mars, is still in your first house of self, and so it’s helpful with these astrological transits to consider the ways that your resources can support you towards your personal growth. Scorpio season supports you to innovate ways to invest in yourself, and to invest in the person you want to become! 

Envision: Balancing your bank accounts 


Your very own season has finally begun, Scorpio, and the powerful new moon in your first house of self invites you to think big about the person you’re trying to become. The sun and the moon sit in opposition to Uranus in your seventh house, which might mean that you’re changing in ways that challenge your relationships. Remember, the partnerships that are right for you have space for you to grow and evolve, even when it makes things tough. This lunar cycle, don’t put limitations on what you believe is possible for yourself. It’s your season, which means it’s your time to shine! 

Envision: Taking up space


Falling in your twelfth house of suffering, inner life, and karmic patterns, the new moon in Scorpio invites you to take a moment just for yourself. Introspection is the name of the game with twelfth house transits, as difficult as it may be at times. Remember that all of the work you do to understand yourself better, to heal your oldest and deepest wounds, inevitably pays off. Inner work can channel into creative energy, deepen your intuition, and bring you so much closer to yourself. Scorpio season wants to help you become a better friend to yourself. So take out your journal or set a time to meditate. Enjoy your own company! 

Envision: Taking a break


While Libra season had you making major moves in your career, this lunar cycle is all about you having fun! The new moon in Scorpio lands in your eleventh house of friends, community, and dreams for the future, inviting you to connect with folks who share your hobbies and values and can help you have a good time. The sun and the moon form an opposition to Uranus in your fifth house of creativity and play, which infuses your Scorpio season with an extra dose of excitement. You’ve been working hard over the past few weeks, and changing a lot in 2019 overall. This astrological moment is the perfect opportunity to blow off some steam. So give yourself permission to play! 

Envision: More fun than you’ve ever had! 


Libra season helped you to reconnect with the values you work towards every day, and now, this next cycle encourages you to put those beliefs into practice! The new moon in Scorpio lands in your tenth house of career and public roles, inviting you to set an intention for professional growth that deeply aligns with your personal values. The more your work is in alignment with what you believe, the more ease you will find in it. This lunar cycle asks you to infuse your professional projects with faith so that you have the strength to overcome obstacles, even when it feels like there is no solution in sight. This season is about hustle. Keep going! 

Envision: Professional growth


Landing in your ninth house of long-term plans, spirituality, and dreams for the future, the new moon in Scorpio invites you to reconnect with your deepest beliefs. This lunar cycle comes with its fair share of challenges—the new moon opposes Uranus in your third house of routine, which may mean that your calendar might be a little more disorganized than usual. No matter what obstacles the astrological transits of Scorpio season may bring, it’s important for you to channel your faith. When you’re connected with your values, you’re so much stronger, so much more peaceful, and so much more resilient. This cycle encourages you to tap into that! 

Envision: Being guided by belief




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