Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

Full Moon in Gemini Reading Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 9 minutes


Closing out 2019, the solar eclipse in Capricorn wants to help us clear out everything that hasn’t served us this year. Saturn and Pluto have been in this sign all year, inviting us to transform the area of our chart that contain Capricorn with hard work, discipline, and structure. The eclipse highlights all of the ways in which we’ve grown as a result of putting in the work. Sitting in a trine to Uranus, the eclipse also encourages us to be optimistic, and open to the many possibilities for change, growth and transformation that lie ahead. The biggest challenge of Capricorn season is not to be so hard on ourselves, so be gentle with yourself at the end of this year. Appreciate how far you’ve come.


Landing in your tenth house of public role and career, the solar eclipse in Capricorn is helping you to clear out harmful beliefs about work that may be keeping you from growing. You might want to get to where you’re going as quickly as possible, but over the past two years Saturn in Capricorn has helped you master the lesson that slow and steady is more sustainable for your work-life balance. This eclipse will help you to clear out overly ambitious expectations you place on yourself, harmful beliefs about your work, and all other things that are keeping you small.

Envision: One step at a time


The solar eclipse in Capricorn lands in your ninth house of dreams, spirituality, travel, and long-term plans. Over the past couple of years, Saturn has moved through this part of your chart, helping you to discern which plans are really worth pursuing and what action you need to take to get there. The solar eclipse helps you in this process of discernment, clearing out ideas about your future that aren’t aligned. If it feels like you have no idea what your next step are right now, don’t worry! Give your process the time it needs. Getting rid of what doesn’t make sense for you is the first step in finding out what does.

Envision: Clarity


Falling in your eight house of death, mental anguish, and transformation, the solar eclipse in Capricorn highlights all of the work you’ve done on your own healing this year. This is a south node eclipse, meaning that it is about purging, getting rid of what doesn’t serve us. Saturn has been moving through your eighth house for the past couple of years, helping you to create structure and boundaries around your mental health and growth processes. With this eclipse, take some time to appreciate how this structure has helped your wellbeing, even if only a little. Celebrate how you’ve transformed! 

Envision: Healing


The solar eclipse in Capricorn falls in your seventh house of romantic and business partnerships. The powerful energy of this astrological transit helps you to see everything that hasn’t worked for you in this area of life, like beliefs about the kinds of partnership that you did or didn’t deserve. But the purpose of bringing up a lot of baggage around this date only so that you can set an intention for your partnerships that doesn’t incorporate anything that has harmed you in the past. Take a good look at your relationships, and commit to what you really want, trusting that it exists for you! 

Envision: The partnerships you dream of 


Landing in your sixth house of work and routine, the solar eclipse in Capricorn helps you transform the way you think about your work. Whether you’re dealing with poor work/life balance, or feeling dissatisfied with your employer, or are dealing with overwhelm, this eclipse will bring up the biggest difficulties in this area of your life so that you can work through them. Take some time to consider what your relationship to work is, and think about how you’d like it to transform over the next sixth months. Remember to incorporate time to rest into your busy schedule!

Envision: The perfect work/life balance


The solar eclipse in Capricorn lands in your fifth house of art, children, and erotic energy. This is a wonderful astrological transit for you to get really creative! Eclipses help us to purge emotional and spiritual energy, and in your fifth house, an eclipse can help you channel your healing or emotional process into art. Whatever your favorite form of creative expression is, make sure to do a lot of it around the time of the eclipse. There’s a lot of energy that wants to move through you this season, and you have a lot you need to let out! Create the time and space to express yourself. 

Envision: Cathartic creation


Falling in your fourth house of home and family, the solar eclipse in Capricorn invites you to work through deeply ingrained family patterns or beliefs. It’s likely that around this time you will start to become aware of things you don’t want to inherit from your family, whether those are things as minor as holiday traditions or as major as core values. Whatever comes up for you this season, remember that you have the right to be the person you are, no matter what. Differentiating yourself from family can be tough, but it’s only through this work that your own unique light can begin to shine! 

Envision: Healing your family line


The solar eclipse in Capricorn falls in your third house of ritual, communication, and routine. Over the past two years, Saturn has been moving through this part of your chart, helping you to get realistic about the commitments you’re able to prioritize and which ones needed to take the back burner. This is a south node eclipse, meaning that it’s about clearing things away. It’s likely that around this time, you might realize that there are certain things you’re not willing to prioritize in your schedule anymore. That’s perfectly fine! The more you commit only to what really matters, the more you’ll be able to nourish your dream projects into growth.

Envision: A minimalist calendar



Landing in your second house of finances, the solar eclipse in Capricorn invites you to re-envision the way you relate to your resources. Over the past two years, Saturn has been moving through this part of your chart, likely forcing you to become more disciplined with the way you spend and earn money. Jupiter has just entered this house, expanding your financial opportunities this year. The eclipse wants to help you get rid of harmful beliefs and practices regarding money. This way, you can make room for more abundance in your life this year! 

Envision: Financial wellbeing


A solar eclipse in your first house of self is no joke! Over the past couple of years, your ruling planet, Saturn, has been moving through this part of your chart, offering you a lot of clarity in terms of the path you’d like to pursue in this lifetime, and gifting you with the discipline you need to commit to it. The eclipse helps you to clear away old beliefs about yourself that limit you from truly committing to your own path. This astrological transit may be very emotional for you, but trust that processing the baggage that comes up is the best way forward! 

Envision: The version of you you’ve always wanted to be


Falling in your twelfth house of inner life and suffering, the solar eclipse in Capricorn wants to celebrate all of the work you’ve done on your own healing. Over the past two years, Saturn has been transiting this part of your chart, helping you to create discipline and structure around your healing process. The eclipse highlights how far you’ve come in terms of taking care of this area of life, and helps you to envision ways that you might channel your healing into creative energy in the future. Take some time to think about all the ways that your inner landscape has changed over the past two years. What used to hurt that doesn’t anymore? Celebrate the cycles that have ended.

Envision: Creative processing


Landing in your eleventh house friends, community, and dreams for the future, the solar eclipse in Capricorn initiates you into a process of transforming the way you engage with community. Over the past two years, Saturn has transited this part of your chart, helping you to get clear on which friends you need to keep around and which are more trouble than they’re worth. The eclipse is likely to highlight, in equal parts, your friendships that are flowing beautifully and those that are weighing you down. Commit to prioritizing those who prioritize you, and this season your friendships will flourish! 

Envision: Your best friendships 




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