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Mysticscopes for Week of June 19, 2023

A weekly horoscope tarot and oracle card reading featuring the Mystic Mondays decks by creator Grace Duong. Watch on YouTube or listen to the podcast episode!
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Hello Mystics! I'm Grace, the creator of Mystic Mondays, and welcome to this week's Mysticscopes the week of June 19th, 2023.

The big transit of the summer is Venus retrograde in Leo from July 22nd to September 3rd, which leads to a flare for drama in the realm of romance and finances. Anything that happens during this transit will get you to get clarity through chaos. Even if it feels like internal chaos, you might be feeling some internal conflict about what you truly desire. Trust that whatever is coming up for you during this time is here for you to courageously ask for what you truly want and to open up the space to receive it.

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Listen to the latest podcast episode with Aja Daashuur the Spirit Guide Coach!

If you haven't checked out the latest podcast guest Aja Daashuur, AKA the Spirit Guide Coach was on the latest episode where we talked about the Emperor card, working with your spiritual team, and redefining structures that work best for you. Here's a clip from the episode:

Grace: It's funny because the Emperor is so much about control in a lot of ways, but there's also a letting go of control that needs to happen for these bigger ideas to shift, but also to give ourselves the time and space to be human and to enjoy ourselves and to. Reward ourselves in the process.

Aja: Yes. I love that not to the zone of genius too. It's like we were not gonna be great at everything. We're not, and there are others that are going to be and we can ask them for help or learn from them or have them do what we need to do to help create something magical.

Mystic Mondays Tarot Course Revampification

I'm also super excited to announce the Mystic Mondays Tarot Course is getting a complete revamp this year and I'm opening up the doors for you to grandfather in the early bird price, you can get more information at

All right, so onto the Mysticscopes. Before we get started, I just wanted to explain how this works. I'll be pulling one card for each Zodiac sign from the Mystic Mondays decks. You can click on the timestamp below for your sign. It is recommended that you check out your sun, moon, and rising signs for a full reading.

All right, now let's get into it.


Mysticscopes - Mercury Card - Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment Deck by Grace Duong

♈ Aries: Mercury

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Hello, Aries. This week you've got Mercury from the Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment deck. Mercury is all about communication and expression, so you may find that you are more able and willing to express yourself in ways you haven't before this week. Mercury is known as the messenger planet, so perhaps anything that you want to communicate or anything that you've been meaning to say to somebody else, this would be a really great time to transfer those messages over. You could find that you might have more activity in the realms of your network, so social media or people reaching out again, or even you having more energy to be present in your network community. So I would say larger communities, probably in technology as well. This could also be a great time for you to just notice your communication strengths and weaknesses. Is, and just to take note of what you'd like to improve. So that could be with things like public speaking or writing, or just finding out ways to really craft the message that you want to speak out to your audience even. This is a really great time to hone in on that. 

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Mysticscopes - Wheel of Fortune Card - Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck by Grace Duong

♉ Taurus: Wheel of Fortune

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Hello, Taurus. You've got the Wheel of Fortune from the Mystic Monday's Tarot deck, so change is coming whether you like it or not. You're definitely stepping into a new phase of life and it kind of feel like you are no longer driving the car, so fate has taken over the steering wheel and is leading you into another direction. So if you're used to control, this can feel pretty unsettling, but there's a sense of trust that is being asked of you from the universe. So let go of control and practice surrender and trust that wherever the universe is bringing you at this moment is exactly where you need to be. And if you find that you are being redirected onto another path that seems unexpected, perhaps this is a matter of alignment so that you can get back into where you really want to go. So take this as a redirection if you find that you're off course, but also there's a sense of faith that is being called into this moment for you. And to really trust what is happening. This is for you and not happening to you. So remember that. 

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Mysticscopes - Fluorite Card - Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck by Grace Duong

♊ Gemini: Fluorite

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Hello, Gemini. You've got Fluorite from the Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid deck, and Fluorite is all about organization. So getting organized from the bottom to the top. Fluorite is bringing you this energy of clarity, so if you've got any clutter around whether it's just clutter around your house or internal clutter, like maybe you're thinking the same kind of negative thoughts over and over again and it's time to let go of all of those things so that you can make space for positive thoughts, you know, thoughts that are going to take you to the next level and ultimately take you where you want to go. So it's a cleansing that is happening with the energy of Fluorite and for you to welcome in a new season of life by doing this cleaning for yourself. 

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Mysticscopes - Phoenix Card - Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures Deck by Grace Duong

♋ Cancer: Phoenix

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Hello, Cancer. This week you've got Phoenix from the Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures deck, and the Phoenix is all about rebirth. You know a part of yourself has to be let go and essentially die before you can take on this rebirth of self and just forging yourself out of the flames to become this new person. So the Phoenix is really supportive of you in ushering you into the next phase of your life. You know you're closing a chapter on something that's just no longer working for you and entering into a rebirth of self. So a lot of that is just removing the decay from your old identity so that you can form your new identity with more ease. The Phoenix is aiding you in any transformation that you are going through and allowing yourself to transmute through the flames of the Phoenix. So allow yourself to be supported by the Phoenix while you're going through this transformational time, and also to give yourself some grace. You know it's tough sometimes to go through a transformation, and sometimes what we need to do is just to acknowledge how much we've grown from going through those different challenges. So take some time this week to reflect and acknowledge yourself and give yourself that validation that you have gone through some stuff in your life and now you've become stronger. You're more able to handle those challenges and obstacles, so give yourself a pat on the back and major kudos for even stepping into a new version of yourself.

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Mysticscopes - Transits Card - Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment Deck by Grace Duong

♌ Leo: Transits

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Hello, Leo. You've got the Transits card from the Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment deck, and this card really speaks to just noticing the current transits that are going on in your chart, which explains the planetary movements and any aspects that they might be making to any natal planets and celestial bodies in your chart, you might find that certain things are happening or have been happening and you just wanna make sense of them. So I would really advise you to look at your Transits and to see what's really affecting you lately. If you're curious about anything that's happening in the future, and you really want insight into that as well. You can always look at future transits and you can also reflect on past transits. So perhaps a year ago, like what was happening and taking note of what was happening then and what's happening now can give you really great insight to how much you've grown as a person and just what you're noticing lately. 

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Mysticscopes - Princess of Cups Card - Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck by Grace Duong

♍ Virgo: Princess of Cups

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Hello, Virgo. You've got the Princess of Cups from the Mystic Mondays Tarot deck. The Princess of Cups is an invitation to listen to synchronicities and any subconscious messages that might be bubbling up to the surface. So definitely paying attention to your dreams and what messages that are being relayed to you from your spiritual team and looking at, let's say there's a butterfly and a snake behind me. And for example, if you're seeing this and watching this video, this could be a sign for you if you are seeing snakes and butterflies out in the wild. And for you to look the meanings of these animals could mean to you and the significance of your life. So this is definitely a card, a reminder to pay attention to the signs and to not ignore them and really feel into what feels right for you. Because the cups are all about your emotions. So tapping into how you're feeling and not avoiding your feelings, like really feeling them in your body can then also help you really receive those messages that Spirit is sending to you at this time.

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Mysticscopes - Bumblebee Jasper Card - Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck by Grace Duong

♎ Libra: Bumblebee Jasper

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Hello, Libra. You've got Bumblebee Jasper from the Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid deck and Bumblebee Jasper is all about creativity and pollinating your ideas wherever they need to be shared. So don't be afraid to tell people about what you're up to, to shine your light, but also to keep that buzz a buzzin' and to keep your own momentum going while you're going about your new idea and creativity. So how can you give yourself the energy to keep buzzing along? How can you keep up the momentum to keep sharing your ideas? The Bumblebee Jasper is very much connected to your solar plexus, which ignites the fire element. So really tap into why you're passionate about what you're doing and hold onto that so that you don't end up burning out. And if you do feel like you're burning out or about to burn out, just remember to take a breather and to take a break. The Bumblebee Jasper is a card to remind yourself, to allow yourself to be seen and to be heard. So don't be afraid to put yourself out there and to tell people about what you are about because they actually do wanna hear from you. So just knowing that I think is huge in anything that might be blocking you from doing that. 

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Mysticscopes - Dolphin Card - Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures Deck by Grace Duong

♏ Scorpio: Dolphin

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Hello, Scorpio. You've got Dolphin from the Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures deck and the Dolphin is all about joy, playfulness, and laughter. So this is such a great card to get this week and a reminder to have some fun to get outside, to play with your pod and to just enjoy life because sometimes we can take ourselves so seriously, but the Dolphin is here to remind you that it's okay to take a break and to have some fun in the sun. The Dolphin is also a great reminder to just check in with your community. What do you wanna do and who do you wanna hang out with? And to call upon the people who are in your pod and just form those connections or recalibrate the existing connections that you already have. Your community is there for you, but sometimes you do have to take the first step to reach out. So don't be afraid to do that and ultimately, when you connect to your community, it's also connecting with yourself. So just remember that people are there for you, people support you, and sometimes you have to make the first contact, so they're waiting for you and it's up to you to make that call.

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Mysticscopes - Retrograde Card - Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment Deck by Grace Duong

♐ Sagittarius: Retrograde

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Hello, Sagittarius. You've got Retrograde from the Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment Deck and Retrograde just indicates when a planet appears to be moving backward in the sky and perhaps moving slower than it usually does in its normal orbit. So this could speak to how you've been feeling lately, like maybe you've been energetically retrograding and just need to take a pause on things before you speed up again and recharge your energy. You can also look at any planets that are retrograding in your chart and collectively and how that might be affecting you. Here's a big transit for Venus retrograde that is upcoming on July 22nd. And you might already be feeling the effects of that, whether some exes have come back into your life or you might be finding that you're really searching for truth in authentic connection. So look to that because Venus is in the sign of Leo, which is also a fire sign, but you can mark that on your calendar for any upcoming retrogrades. And yeah, just check in with how you feel. 

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Mysticscopes - Eight of Cups Card - Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck by Grace Duong

♑ Capricorn: Eight of Cups

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Hello, Capricorn. You've got the Eight of Cups from the Mystic Mondays Tarot deck. Eight of Cups just really speaks to a place and point of reevaluation and just searching for the deeper meaning in life and what you're bringing to the table. So what your sense of purpose is and how you can further cultivate that in your life. It's kind of like when things on the outside just don't feel as fulfilling as you thought it would be. So all of the things that you've been working towards, all of the hard work and effort, and when you're finally there, it's just kind of like, why and what am I doing this for? Because it just doesn't feel quite as fulfilling as maybe you thought it would once you've reached that goal. So this is definitely a time for you to reevaluate and think about your deeper sense of purpose and how you ultimately wanna live your life. 

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Mysticscopes - Snakeskin Agate Card - Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck by Grace Duong

♒ Aquarius: Snakeskin Agate

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Hello, Aquarius. This week you've got Snakeskin Agate from the Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid deck. And this crystal and card is a reminder for you to shed any old skin that needs to be released right now to reveal the new skin that is underneath and what you've been growing into. The Snakeskin Agate is a really great card to help you activate your Kundalini energy and connect the parts of you that maybe felt disconnected before, so that you are in ultimate alignment with your path. So this is a part of transformation and it can feel quite intense, but ultimately you are forming a new identity right now, and it's okay to give yourself permission to change and to grow and to be fluid in who you are. Ultimately, Snakeskin Agate is really supportive of self exploration. So if you need time for yourself to try new things, to figure things out, like this is a great time and a supportive card to do that.

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Mysticscopes - Eagle Card - Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures Deck by Grace Duong

♓ Pisces: Eagle

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Hello Pisces. You've got the Eagle cart from the Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures deck, and the Eagle is all about being courageous in taking the next steps to soar to new heights. The Eagle has great eyesights and can see far above, so at great distances, and notice the minute details that might easily be missed otherwise. The Eagle is also about commitments and the level it takes to stay true to your commitments and the integrity that you can have while keeping these commitments. Are you keeping commitments to yourself? Are you following through with your word? Ultimately, every time you break this promise to yourself, you're also breaking a form of trust. So this is about acknowledgement that sometimes things don't happen the way you. Think it will, but also it's about staying in integrity with your word and staying in integrity with yourself. 

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