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Mysticscopes for Week of June 26, 2023

This week's collective card - Nine of Wands! ✨ A weekly horoscope tarot and oracle card reading featuring the Mystic Mondays decks by creator Grace Duong. Watch on YouTube or listen to the podcast episode!
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Hello, I'm Grace, the creator of Mystic Mondays, and welcome to this week's Mysticscopes for the week of June 26th, 2023.

I'm so excited to share with you that I am teaching a Tarot workshop series an Intro to Tarot Workshop and a How to Train to be a Tarot Reader Workshop. This starts on July 1st. You'll not only learn the basics of Tarot, but also how to go deep with your Tarot practice and to uplevel your Tarot skills for yourself, and also how to read for others. You can find more details about this workshop at Link will be in the show notes.

So Saturn went retrograde in Aquarius on June 17th and is gonna be there until October 23rd. Saturn goes retrograde pretty much every year, so this is not unusual. During this time, you might feel themes around how you're contributing to the collective consciousness. Saturn being a teacher planet can bring lessons around responsibility, rules, and commitment. So what are you willing to commit to and how does that affect the world at large? If you think of yourself as a microcosm in the macrocosm of the universe and that your actions create a ripple effect. This can be a reflective point in your life of how your actions cannot just impact yourself, but also the people around you. This is definitely a time to go inward, to really feel in into what you are willing to commit to and how you will stay in integrity with your intentions.

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Listen to the latest podcast episode with Laura Chung!

If you haven't checked out the latest podcast guest, we had Laura Chung, podcast host and author of How to Manifest Turn Your Dreams into Reality in 40 Days on The GRACED Podcast. We talked about manifestation and the subconscious blocks that we may have experienced from actually getting what we want to manifest in the world. And Laura and I are both first generation daughters of immigrants and so I think this was a unique take on the manifestation process from that perspective. Here's a clip from the episode.

Manifestation is when a physical desire comes into your reality, when you can actually perceive of it and like hold it and see it. And I consider the process of manifesting something that's innate to us as humans, and I like to start at the manifestation itself, which is the thing that you want or the thing that you desire, and work our way backwards. So I like to ask people, what is it that you're desiring? What is it that you're manifesting? And try to tune in into the feeling that you believe this thing, this person, this job, this situation will give you in that process. And for me, really, it's all about the feeling and removing the layers and the limiting beliefs and the programming that blocks you from experiencing that state.

Collective Tarot Reading from the Biddy Tarot Deck by Brigit Esselmont

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Today we are doing a collective tarot reading from the Biddy Tarot who is actually our next GRACED podcast guest. So I've got the cards here and I'm just gonna shuffle. Let's see what card pops out. I have got Nine of Wands. So I'm just gonna open up the Biddy Tarot guidebook and see what the guidebook has to say. I always like looking at other people's guidebooks because even though there are set meanings for tarot cards, I always find that different creators have different perspectives on interpreting a card.

Nine of Wands. Courage, persistence, test of faith and resilience. And when it's reversed on edge, defensive, hesitant, and paranoia.

Resilience and persevere through the challenges on your path, you will reach your goal and eventually prosper if you maintain your position. How can you establish firm boundaries to protect your energy?

So what I am feeling and intuiting from this card is that the weather's getting nicer depending on what part of the world you're in. And there's a lot of things that you could say yes to. There's a lot of exciting new prospects, a lot of things, drawing your attention away from you. And so with the Nine of Wands and really diving deep into the themes of protection and boundaries, and also recognizing the importance of sustaining and maintaining your energy. This is a practice in saying no. This is a practice in saying what you value and what you're willing to put time into to really reach the 10 of ones to reach that completion point. And sometimes you have to say no in order to say yes to bigger things, to your dreams, taking space. And a part of that is closing the door on things that are taking up your space in ways that are draining your energy.

And so with the Nine of Wands from the Biddy Tarot deck, I'm really feeling like a sense of resolve, a sense of being firm in your word. And I mentioned integrity earlier on with Saturn going retrograde and how we can stay in integrity with our words. And I feel like with this card, it's really asking you to stay in integrity with your dreams that you are setting forth. The things that you really want to plant, and to grow and to see through to fruition. So sometimes you have to say no to say yes to the bigger things. So this is a reminder if you are not already to say no to the things that are just not lighting you up in the ways that are getting you excited and realizing that you do have the power to say no to those things. So really exercise the innate power that you have, which is your word.

All right, so onto the Mysticscopes. Before we get started, I just wanna explain how this works. I'll be pulling one card for each Zodiac sign from the Mystic Mondays decks. You can click on the timestamp below for your sign. It's recommended that you check out your sun, moon, and rising signs.

Now let's get into it.


Mysticscopes - Kunzite Card - Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck by Grace Duong

♈ Aries: Kunzite

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Hello, Aries. You've got Kunzite from the Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid deck and Kunzite is all about love, transition and femininity. It's all about offering unconditional love to any lingering wounds that you might have. And so a practice that I like to do if I am working on calling in more unconditional love is to just imagine really bright, vivid magenta light filling through my crown chakra into the holes, into anywhere in your body that you are feeling, those wounds exist. And so that's a practice that you can call in to bring in the energy of unconditional love into your body. And so another thing that Kunzite tends to do, it's also act as protection. And the unconditional love can act as a barrier for those that are not vibrating at the same level. So sometimes we think of love as a really open and accepting energy, which it absolutely is, but not everyone is able to accept unconditional love. So in some ways it acts as a shield and just think about this unconditional love really supporting you and protecting you from negative energy and energy that doesn't need to be in your field. By the way, it is torrentially outpouring over here. So if you hear any white noise, that is a thunderstorm that is going on in the background.

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Mysticscopes - Spider Card - Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures Deck by Grace Duong

♉ Taurus: Spider

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Hello, Taurus. You've got Spider from the Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures deck. Now the Spider is a storyteller and weaves the web together to connect all of these different narratives and storylines together to create something really intricate and beautiful. It's also mysterious, and so sometimes we don't always know what's going on in these different stories, but sometimes we can feel it, sometimes we can intuit it, and so if there's anything that you're wondering about or have curiosity is about, I really implore you to tap into your intuition and to tap into what you're feeling. Often the spiders shows up when we are feeling really creative. And so if you feel a need to express yourself creatively, I would just really encourage you to write, to do some art, to really make sense of these different narratives and storylines that are coming to you at this time, because it could be messages from your ancestors, from your lineage that wants to be passed down to you and for you to translate these messages for it to make sense. In a lot of ways, the web really symbolizes the symmetry and the geometric nature of the universe, and so there's a really beautiful science to the beautiful nature to nature to what we see in the world. The spider is here to remind you to really appreciate, take a step back and appreciate your story, where you come from, your origins, and to really take note of how your actions and intentions are creating what you're envisioning into the world. Ultimately, the spiders also about connecting to your shadow's side, and sometimes we need to weave the web to really understand our lightness and our darkness and how they can both integrate and work together.

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Mysticscopes - Spider Card - Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures Deck by Grace Duong

♊ Gemini: Cancer

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Hello, Gemini. You've got Cancer from the Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment deck. And Cancers tend to have really nurturing qualities, can present a hard exterior, but a soft interior. So with this energy being around you this week, how can you tap into more of that nurturing side of yourself or the part of yourself that needs more nurturance? This can be a week where you're really prioritizing 4th House matters, which Cancer rules. So things like home, family, domestic things, cleaning up, if you haven't done any spring cleaning yet to really do that in the summer, and that doesn't necessarily mean just physically. Also internally, if you're listening to things that aren't feeding you or nourishing you in the way that is cultivating you and growing you into what you wanna be. It's really about being mindful about what you're surrounding yourself with and Cancer tends to represent the mother. So if there's anything coming up around things with your mother, evaluating your relationship, what you learned from your mother, what you'd like to be different and how you can be a mother to yourself. How can you give yourself what perhaps you wish you had but you didn't have? And sometimes if we just take a moment to reflect on what that is, it can come into greater clarity of the things that we are seeking nurturance for in our lives. So sometimes that can manifest as wanting something sweet. Having these sweet cravings and looking for more sweetness in our lives. This. Is also about acknowledging that vulnerability, although uncomfortable for some, can actually be a strength, and to tap into more of that vulnerability in yourself. Because when you do that, you're able to show it to others, and more people will be drawn towards you and resonate with you. And so this is an invitation to let your guard down and to allow people to really see you for who you are, for your beautiful vulnerability.

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Mysticscopes - Three of Pentacles Card - Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck by Grace Duong

♋ Cancer: Three of Pentacles

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Hello, Cancer. You've got the Three of Pentacles from the Mystic Mondays Tarot and Three of Pentacles is all about teamwork. Teamwork makes the dream works. So this is a great time to involve other people with your projects or perhaps even join somebody else's project. It's a really great time to collaborate with others and also to learn. I think sometimes we might not have the same strengths as somebody else, and to really acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses that you might have, and also to find people who have complimentary skill sets. So that it feels very balanced when you're working together. This is a really great time for you to involve yourself. That feels very synergistic and just feels like you're meeting other souls. You know that you're meant to meet, to create something really beautiful together. So if you feel any ego presence, anything that wants to put yourself first. This isn't the time to do that and obviously honoring where we're at in life because there's nothing wrong with that. But this is a really great time for group efforts. So anything that you can contribute to collective consciousness, anything that you can be of service to that can also materialize in tangible ways would be very beneficial for this week's Mysticscopes.

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Mysticscopes - Sulfur Card - Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck by Grace Duong

♌ Leo: Sulfur

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Hello, Leo. You got the Sulfur card from the Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid deck, and Sulfur is all about bringing this inventive energy, this volcano energy, and this progressive sort of mindset. It activates your solar plexus and aligns with the sun, which is totally in your wheelhouse being your ruling planet. So if you're feeling any like bottled up emotions or anything that's getting at you, Sulfur is really here to help you release it so that you can shine as your authentic self and not let these pent up emotions get in the way of anything that you wanna express. If anything, you can use sulfur as a means of expression and as a way to move forward in a really dynamic sort of way. Sulfur is allowing you to address any of your shadow side that needs to come out right now. So just let it go and allow the sunlight to come in. Pour into the parts of you that need more love, that need more light, that need more sunshine in your life.

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Mysticscopes - Sloth Card - Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures Deck by Grace Duong

♍ Virgo: Sloth

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Hello, Virgo. You've got the Sloth card from the Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures deck, and the Sloth is all about moving at your own pace. Slower than you are used to probably, but just indulging in your senses and your source of pleasure. So ultimately, just taking it easy. There's no rush, there's no destination. It's just about chilling out and enjoying life, which honestly is like such a great motto to live by. So there's a season for doing, there's a season for action, but right now it's just all about indulging and taking pleasure in the slow, leisurely way of life. And even if you find yourself talking slower and just moving at a way slower pace and seeing how that feels for you, really tuning in to your senses and enjoying every aspect of life. All of the different sensations that you may have not noticed being super busy. And so in contrast, when you slow down and just listen to the wind or smell the flowers or just even notice the tickle on your nose those simple things can actually give you a lot of joy and in essence, I think just welcoming more of the energy of gratitude into your life and appreciating the small things.

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Mysticscopes - Opposition Card - Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment Deck by Grace Duong

♎ Libra: Opposition

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Hello, Libra. You've got Opposition from the Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment deck. So Oppositions are usually when two celestial bodies are directly opposite each other, meaning 6 Zodiac signs apart and share a modality. Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. And because of this polarity, there can be a lot of resistance between the two. A lot of pushing and pulling and sometimes misunderstanding. But sometimes we can look to our opposite signs for balance. So if you can look at your own strengths and weaknesses and look at the opposite sign and what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how perhaps you can bring some of those characteristics more into your life to help balance you out. If you're feeling a sense of conflict within yourself, look to see how you can resolve that and how you can integrate different parts of your. So that you can come into a place of more acceptance. Sometimes conflict can really help us move out of our comfort zone and propel us to make action. So don't think of this tension as something that is bad or wrong, but more of how you can use this as fuel to your fire.

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Mysticscopes - Four of Wands Card - Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck by Grace Duong

♏ Scorpio: Four of Wands

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Hello, Scorpio. This week you've got Four of Wands from the Mystic Mondays Tarot deck, and this card is all about stability, security, and feeling at home with yourself. And so really honoring the foundation of what you've built. The backbone of who you are as a character and your value system. And ultimately, because you are building such a strong foundation, you are building your dreams to come into fruition. You might find that you're having a very introverted week where you just wanna honor your home and be at home and to guess be full on homebody status, but ultimately, when you reflect internally, this is about feeling at home within yourself and being really comfortable being in your body, being within your spirit, and honoring yourself in who you are and who you've become. Sometimes we can be really hard on ourselves, but with the Four of Wands, this is coming to peace with everything that has happened and really releasing judgment if there is any. And coming into a place of peace and acceptance for oneself.

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Mysticscopes - Citrine Card - Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck by Grace Duong

♐ Sagittarius: Citrine

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Hello, Sagittarius. You've got Citrine from the Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid deck, and Citrine is known as a prosperity stone. So take note of any opportunities that are coming to you. Any unexpected sources of money and abundance that are just unveiling itself to you. And just note that this is what you're attracting in because of all of the energy that you're emitting out. So inner reflects outer, and your outer reality is reflecting the abundance that is coming your way. By the way, it's torrentially outpouring over here, so I apologize for the rainstorm that's happening around me if you're hearing that noise. But Citrine is also about warmth and energizing with radiance, and so it's a great time to surround yourself with things that make you feel radiant, that are activating the radiant side of you. Also, if you happen to not be getting a lot of sunshine in your life nowadays, go outside. Citrine is really asking you to be in your environment, to soak it up, to soak up the sun, to soak up life. And I know that as a Sagittarius, it's important for you to have adventure. And so if you've been feeling stagnant or feeling restless. This is a really great time for you to just even explore your local surroundings so you can get your fill, fill your cup to feel energized, to be fully yourself.

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Mysticscopes - Butterfly Card - Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures Deck by Grace Duong

♑ Capricorn: Butterfly

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Hello, Capricorn. You've got Butterfly from the Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures deck. The Butterfly is all about metamorphosis, transformation, and evolving into a state of grace. It's also about expansion. The butterfly has different stages of life from an egg to a caterpillar, to a cocoon, and to ultimately forming into this beautiful butterfly and enjoying this freedom with its beautiful wings and being able to go as one wishes. And so if you're craving a sense of freedom, a sense of wanting to evolve into the fullest sense of yourself and your full capabilities of who you are. This is a great sign that you're doing that, that you're well on your way, that to honor your transformation and that you're ever evolving and ever growing, the butterfly is a great sign that you're being elevated into a new way of being, into a new sense of self. And sometimes we're not able to see it because we're so in our experience. But if you're able to reflect and take time to acknowledge how much you've grown, you'll see for yourself that you've been evolving this entire time.

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Mysticscopes - Trine Card - Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment Deck by Grace Duong

♒ Aquarius: Trine

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Hello, Aquarius. You've got Trine from the Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment deck. So Trines usually happen when these celestial bodies, so planets, asteroids, are 4 zodiac signs apart, and because of that, they share the same element. So you might feel a sense of synchronicity and ease in communicating these aspects to yourself. And ultimately looking at your natural strengths of what you're good at and amplifying those aspects of yourself this week. You might find a lot of synchronistic things are happening for you, like blessings coming out of nowhere, opportunities appearing in front of you, and ultimately just like a lot of good luck coming your way. So really harness this good energy and use this good fortune to your advantage? Take some risks, be bold and really revel in your strengths.

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Mysticscopes - Nine of Swords Card - Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck by Grace Duong

♓ Pisces: Nine of Swords

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Hello, Pisces. You've got Nine of Swords from the Mystic Mondays Tarot deck, and this is kind of a scary looking card with all of the nine swords pointing at the figure's head. And so I like to call this card the worry card because often we're creating things that don't have to be as big as they are. It's basically like the saying, when you make a mountain out of a mole hill. Not to disqualify any of your feelings or anything that you're going through, but sometimes we can overthink and sometimes we can tend to manifest our worst fears because we're thinking about it so much. So if you're being triggered right now, just acknowledge what is happening in your body and in your experience, give yourself the validation that you need and find ways to get out of it. How can you shift and transform this moment to a learning lesson? How can you build resilience in the face of challenges? These moments are here to test us and to challenge us, and to ultimately make you stronger. So don't be afraid when these type of situations happen. I think it's just more about how you choose to face it, and that is a choice. At the end of the day, remember to take a deep breath and that this moment will pass. Reflect on these experiences, and I think it's easier to see it once time has passed.

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