21 Creative Stocking Stuffers That Aren't Socks

21 Creative Stocking Stuffers That Aren't Socks

Excerpt from the article:

Amazing and cheap stocking stuffers can be hard to come by. Some people prefer giving out funny gag gifts — like coal — while others go for small, useful gifts that border on boring — like socks. But if there was a Venn diagram of amazing stocking stuffers, they'd overlap in the circles of practical, cheap, and fun. People don't always expect to be blown away by what's in their holiday stocking, but any kind of nod towards their personality can definitely be considered a win.

I discovered the gist of the perfect stocking stuffer last year, my husband filled my Christmas stocking with a light-up lime keychain (which is adorable, and useful for when I'm getting the mail in the early evening) and a bunch of black cat chip clips, since I like black cats and love Doritos.

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