Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio

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Today’s full moon in Scorpio, the deepest of the water signs, is likely to have you all up in your feels. This astrological transit connects you both to your greatest hopes and greatest fears - in relationships, it can have you feeling either deeply, madly in love or insanely jealous. But the moon is making aspects to other planets that can help inspire action. This full moon sits in a trine to Mars and the North Node, and in sextile to Pluto and Saturn, which encourages you to channel your feelings into steps towards your goals. Get clear on what you want. Get clear on what you need. We're here with your horoscopes to help you do just that.



Aries, endings are just can be just as sweet as beginnings. They are just as necessary for your healing, and just as necessary for your growth. This full moon falls in your 8th house of transformation, so take some time to look at the major ways you've changed over the past six months. What beliefs do you need to leave behind in order to feel like you are enough? In order to feel like you are worthy of your goals? Anything and anyone that makes you feel small needs to be cut out this season. Your boundaries are the secret to your growth. 

Release: limiting beliefs



Taurus, make room for love in your life. This full moon falls in your 7th house of intimate partnerships, and offers you an abundance of tenderness. Appreciation, admiration, care, and connection want to make their way towards you. So hold space to receive all of the sweetness you are being offered. If you’re in a relationship or relationships, set up a date night. If you're single and ready to mingle, it's time to ask out that person you've had your eye on. (There's always someone.) And if you're single and loving it, then spend some quality time alone. Your intimacy with yourself is one of the most precious partnerships this life has to offer you. No matter what your romantic situation is, Taurus, the important thing is that you make time to invest in love. In whatever form it takes right now. 

Release: fear of vulnerability



Gemini, we see you! 2019 has had you hustling career-wise. This full moon highlights the fruits of your labor. Putting in the hours always pays off, and right now something is coming through. You're tying up an important work project, or just getting an idea off the ground. Wherever you're at professionally, take some time to pause and appreciate yourself. Moments of rest are just as important as late nights and early mornings when it comes to working towards your goals. If you don't take a break, you're likely to burn out this season. But if you strike the balance between pushing yourself and recharging, you're on your way to something big. We're rooting for you. 

Release: overwork culture



Cancer, give yourself permission to have fun! This full moon highlights your house of creativity, pleasure, and joy. 2019 might be a tough year for you, and it might be easy to feel like you don't have time to spend on the little things. On the silly things. But joy is so, so worth your time. Do something that serves no purpose other than to make you happy. Hang with a friend who makes you laugh. Paint. Listen to your favorite song without doing anything else. You deserve moments of rest. You deserve moments of pleasure. Invest in the sweetest things life has to offer. You need the space to recharge. 

Release: your inner child



Leo, your home life is asking for your full attention with this full moon. The coming weeks will be busy for you both socially and professionally, which makes it more important than ever that your home space is somewhere you can truly recharge. Invest in beautifying it, making it feel good to you. Put flowers everywhere. Buy candles, burn incense. Do what helps you to relax most deeply. And take care of your relationships with those you live with, whether family, friends, lovers or roommates. Make sure that you are surrounded by people who help you feel restored. 

Release: tension in your relationships


Virgo, we know you love a good routine, and this astrological transit gives you the opportunity to review yours. Take a good look at your calendar. Are you making time for the hobbies that are important to you? Are you making time for the people that you love? Are you staying late at work every day? Make sure that you're creating space to invest in what you truly value. Clear away the clutter. Managing your time wisely is key in the next cycle, otherwise you're likely to be overwhelmed. Your energy is precious, so make sure it goes towards what's truly important.  

Release: overcommitment



Libra, take some time to review your finances. A full moon in your house of resources sometimes brings a little something extra into the bank, so be open to receiving from unexpected sources. Ask for a raise if you're overdue for one. Make sure you're collecting those overtime checks. Your time and energy is precious, and you deserve to be compensated fairly for them. If there is something you're great at -- painting nails, reading tarot - whatever it may be that you could be charging for, then charge. If you want to invite financial abundance and stability into your life, you need to create opportunities for yourself to receive. You deserve all the resources you need to support yourself. 

Release: undervaluing your work



Scorpio, the full moon in your sign asks you to love yourself up, down, and all around. Every time you choose to pursue your wildest professional dreams, every time you choose to leave someone that doesn't care for you in the way you need them to, every time you go to the gym or get a full night of sleep or write an affirmation on your mirror, you are choosing yourself. You are investing in your wellness and growth. All of the little things add up. All of the little things make a difference. We hope you notice all the ways in which you're growing. With this astrological transit, other people are noticing too. Accept the many affirmations the universe offers you. 

Release: fear of failure  



Sagittarius, healing is hard work, so give yourself credit for every ounce of energy you've invested in your health and wellness. As Jupiter transits your sign, 2019 has brought you a lot of luck—your projects and dreams for the future have extra wind under their wings!. Which is a beautiful sight to see. But in order to sustain so much growth on the outside, you need to tend to what's going on inside. This full moon invites you to do that. Take a step back from the rush of your routine and check in. Meditate. How are you feeling about the many ways in which you're changing? You have so much to accomplish this year. Never doubt that. This astrological transit asks you to pause and rest before getting back at it. 

Release: expectations


Capricorn, there are so many people who care for you and support you and want to see you thrive. Open up to the love and support from your community. This full moon falls in your house of friendship, so call your ride-or-dies. Host a potluck. There is so much healing that is available to you right now through connection. Spend time with those who offer unconditional support and distance yourself from those who don't. There are too many good friends in the world for you to waste time on those who don’t further your growth. Whatever you're going through, you don't have to do it by yourself. Whether it's soothing a heartbreak or building up the courage to start your own business, your friends have got your back. Lean on them. You are not alone, you never were, and you never are. 

Release: fake friends



Aquarius, this full moon hits your house of career, and all of your hard work has finally earned you the spotlight. 2019 has had you hustling and -you deserve the recognition you're getting. Embrace it! Take the compliments. Soak it in. Let them motivate you to push even harder. The attention you receive with this astrological transit is likely to to have you reevaluating your career goals. Are people noticing you for what you'd like to be noticed for? Are you reaching the audience you'd like to serve? You're entering a cycle of abundant opportunities, but being selective about which ones worth pursuing is what will get you farthest.

Release: fear of visibility



Pisces, dare to dream!. A full moon in your house of long term plans provides opportunity for reevaluation. For getting real with yourself about where you're at relative to where you'd like to be . If you don't hold yourself accountable for working consistently towards your goals - if you don't take responsibility for alchemizing your dreams into a reality - they'll always be just that. Dreams. But the stars believe in you and, more importantly, want to help you believe in yourself. Take some time this week to connect to what inspires you - whether that be going to a museum, watching a TED talk, or making a vision board. Your dreams are valid. So take them seriously. 

Release: self-doubt


Coryna is an astrologer, tarot reader, and double Aquarius. Her work focuses on connecting you with you own innate wisdom and magic - learn more or book a reading here

Edited by Grace Duong, creator of Mystic Mondays. Fueled by a mission to empower women and their intuition, Grace helps align you to the everyday magic within you. Available for readings here.  

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Hello!, I was reading your bio and I noticed something that caught my interest. What is a “double Aquarius”? I ask because I’m an Aquarius as well…:)

Hello!, I was reading your bio and I noticed something that caught my interest. What is a “double Aquarius”? I ask because I’m an Aquarius as well…:)

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