New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini

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Today’s new moon in Gemini might have you feeling a little ungrounded. The sun and moon sit in a close square to Neptune, the most confusing and the most distracting of all of the planets. You might feel that you have so many options you don’t know which one to take; or that there are so many paths to follow that you don’t know which to follow. New moons are intention setting times, and with these astrological transits, you’ll need to be especially discerning in order to choose the intention that’s right for you at this moment. Find a place of inner quiet. Take refuge from all of the chatter. Seek clarity, and from there, commit.



Aries, vulnerability is key for you this lunar cycle. The new moon in your third house of community has you craving quality time with your soul sisters. Ask for support when you need it. We know you like to be the tough one, but with these astrological transits you have something to say that asks you to put down your defenses. It’s okay to need help. It’s okay not to know what to do, or where to go, or who to be with. That’s what love is for, accepting yourself unconditionally.  You don’t have to have all of the answers. And the more willing you are to admit to that, the more willing you are to accept the assistance of loved ones as you walk your path. The faster you’ll get to where you’re going, and growing. Share what’s on your mind with someone you trust. Feel and receive the support - it will  go a long way.

Envision: TLC - Tender Loving Care



Taurus, take a look at the balance of your bank accounts. With these astrological transits, you want to have all kinds of fun, but make sure it’s all within your budget. Patience and moderation will serve you when it comes to supporting yourself in the long term. This new moon in your second house of finances brings you face to face with the eternal challenge of balancing long-term and short-term reward. 2019 has had you leaning on your circle of friends and depending on your social life to keep you going. Emotional support is important, but so is paying attention to the material world. Now, you’re asked to look at how you’re supporting yourself financially. How’s that savings account looking? Right. Tap into your self-discipline to make the most of this astrological transit. It’s time to start building a solid foundation for yourself.

Envision: Savings



Gemini, imposter syndrome is real. We get it. This new moon in your first house of self might have you thinking a lot about who you want to become, especially professionally. You’re dreaming about your goal and  defining them, but also perhaps feeling unworthy of them. Feeling like everyone who’s successful at your dream job has something you lack. They don’t. You are perfect for what is right for you! Take some time this lunar cycle to remember everything you have to offer – make a list, if that’s your thing, to remind yourself of your talent. Of your worthiness. You have so much to give – both personally and professionally. Don’t take the fact that something is hard as evidence that it isn’t right for you. Growth is never easy. Success is never free. What is truly right for you is coming. What you want, wants you.

Envision: Being enough



Cancer, it’s time to tend to your inner world. Everything you do requires you to care for yourself. In order to maintain healthy relationships with loved ones, friends, children and coworkers, you need to maintain intimacy with yourself. Take some time away with this new moon in your twelfth house of inner life. Journal, meditate, sleep, watch Netflix - self-love looks a lot of different ways for a lot of different people. Self-care begins and ends with you, and what you need. You can’t get anywhere without recharging. This is your time to rest. To turn your attention inwards. The results of inner work are not immediate, but are surely rewarding. Through taking care of yourself, you find your most powerful magic - you!

Envision: Being held



Leo, you don’t have to do it all alone. This new moon in your eleventh house of friends might have you yearning to find a new tribe. When it comes to community, we all crave connection, so put yourself out there. The people you’re looking for are also looking for you. Still, the astrological transits that accompany this new moon might have you a little anxious. If you’re afraid of leaving behind old friends to make room for the new, don’t be. Don’t think about it like that. Friendships ebb and flow; not everybody can fulfill all of your needs, all of the time. Taking distance from people you’re not vibing with doesn’t mean anything is over. It just means you’re giving yourself the space you need. Right now, you need to be with people that support you in the ways you want to grow. Give yourself the gift of honoring that. Only reach out to friends that inspire you and make you feel good.

Envision: Community



Virgo, Gemini season shines a spotlight on your career. This new moon in your tenth house of public roles wants you to make sure you’re growing in the right direction. Focus on discerning which opportunities are really yours to pursue. Remember, quality over quantity, always. And only you can determine that. The astrological transits that accompany the new moon might have you craving external validation. But it doesn’t matter many how many times your boss thanks you at the office meeting and it doesn’t matter how many times your mom says she’s proud of you. You need to be the barometer of your own success. Check in with your values, and make sure you’re aligning yourself with them.

Envision: Recognition



Libra, don’t get lost in the details. 2019 has had you reinventing your relationship to routine and to work, and for the past few months you’ve been keeping your head down and putting in the hours. Hard work pays off, but every now and then you need to take a step back and look at the big picture. This new moon hits your 9th house of dreams, long-term plans, travel, publication, and everything else that makes life so sweet. Take a moment to fantasize about what you’d like your life to look like. Au contraire, if you don’t do this, your goals will begin to feel so far away that they seem impossible. And you owe it to yourself to take your goals seriously. They’re not. Have the courage to imagine. It’s the first step.

Envision: Faith



Scorpio, self-discovery is a life-long journey. You don’t have to know exactly what you like, exactly what you dislike, what you’re looking for, or where you’re going. You don’t have to have all the answers. This new moon in your eighth house of death and transformation might bring up new parts of yourself -- new desires, new needs, new goals. If you want to work with this lunar cycle productively, make space for them. Try to get to know them, no matter how much they surprise you. It’s all too easy to commit to a single story about who we are. Simplifying ourselves feels safe, feels more secure. But ultimately this prohibits your growth. This prevents you from embodying your full self. So be open to newness this lunar cycle. 

Envision: New beginnings



Sagittarius, Gemini season has you thinking about love, love, love! There might be a lot of new folks sliding into your DM’s, or things might be getting serious with someone you met a while ago. In either case, this lunar cycle gives you time to to pause for a moment and gather yourself before taking next steps. This new moon hits your 7th house of intimate partnerships. Even if you’re not entering a new relationship or deepening an old one, this is an opportunity for you to refine what you’re looking for and what you have to offer. Liberate yourself from old wounds, old insecurities, and old habits to make room for something new. This new moon asks you to leave your baggage behind. Love can help you heal, but at the end of the day, your wellness is your responsibility. Commit to becoming as whole as you can before offering yourself to someone else.

Envision: Sincerity



Capricorn, we all know you’re an overachiever - own it. What you want to accomplish in this lifetime is huge. So impressive. So ambitious. But you need to hustle for it. This new moon in your sixth house of work might have you feeling overwhelmed at the amount of sheer work that lies between you and your goals. Remember that even when you’re doing work that’s totally in alignment with who you are and what you envision for yourself, there will be moments that are boring. Bureaucratic. Don’t let that discourage you. These astrological transits might have you thinking a bit idealistically about your career goals.  The fact that something doesn’t happen quickly doesn’t mean that it won’t happen at all. Everyone, no matter how successful, struggles. So don’t take your setbacks too seriously and celebrate your wins extra hard. You’re planting seeds that are sure to bloom. Keep going!

Envision: Your best effort



Aquarius, if you don’t take your craft seriously, no one will. It’s time to express yourself! What you offer, no one else can offer. Breathe that in. Create from this place of confidence. This new moon falls into your fifth house of creative projects and sexual energy. These are areas of life that can be  easy to disregard. It’s easy to say we don’t have time to paint, to write, or to spend the night. But fun is critical to your wellbeing. Pleasure is critical to your productivity. These astrological transits invite you to be more open to your artistic side. You might be feeling like everything you produce has to show you immediate results. Paychecks. Likes. Comments. Prestige. But it doesn’t. Your best work is made when you create for yourself, out of love. Take the pressure off. Embody your inner artist.

Envision: Imagination



Pisces, you get to be different from the person your parents wanted you to be. You get to be different from the person your ancestors conditioned you to be. You get to be different than the person you were raised to become. This new moon, in your fourth house of ancestors, might have you feeling anxious to break out of family traditions. Might have you feeling a little bit more out of place, a little more black-sheepish, than usual. Discomfort is part of the journey. Shedding old versions of yourself is never easy. Commit to the person you’d like to become, no matter how impossible it might feel. (And with these astrological transits, that might feel very impossible.) Growth is a long process! Don’t beat yourself up for not being done with it yet. Instead, celebrate yourself for every baby step.

Envision: Differentiation


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