New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

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It is officially eclipse season, which means it’s time to make major changes. Unlike normal new and full moons, eclipses create impacts that time to unpack. They bring to our awareness parts of our subconscious that have lay dormant for years and invite us to change long-lasting patterns of behavior. Of course, this is all in the interest of our highest evolution. But astrologically speaking, the energy of July is extra charged, and might be difficult to navigate. So take extra care of yourself! Rest. Drink lots of water. Today’s eclipse in Cancer is conjunct the north node, meaning that it helps us identify what we want more of in our life. The north node is a point of craving, of desire, and, if we’re not careful, of greed. Use this transit to get really clear on what you want and need, but also know that everything takes time. With an aligned intention and dedication, the magic of this lunar cycle will take you exactly where you need to go.



You have the power to choose what you inherit from your family, and what you release. Hold on to legacies that strengthen you and let go of those that keep you small. The eclipse in Cancer falls in your fourth house of family and home. It has you yearning to reconnect with your roots. The place that you call home and the people in it are the foundation of your life. They have tremendous potential to care for you, to uplift you, and to help you feel loved. You deserve to be supported.

Commit to: Healing your relationship to home 



Your time is precious. Your energy is precious. Getting organized so that you make the most of each of these resources is an act of self-care. The eclipse lands in your third house of routine and ritual, encouraging you to reevaluate your schedule and your daily commitments. Are you making time for everything that’s meaningful to you? Are you allocating too much space to things that aren’t? The more you’re able to dedicate yourself only to what really matters, the closer you’ll come to achieving any goal you set your mind to.

Commit to: Organization 



Take a good, hard look at your finances. The eclipse hits your second house of money, resources, and self-worth. An astrological transit like this will have you craving security and support. You’ll want to feel the ground beneath your feet, and your resources can provide you with that sense of safety. What are ways that you can invest the money you have in structures that will support you long-term? Where can you save and where are you leaking? Paying attention to the details of your accounts will do wonders for your wealth this season.

Commit to: Financial responsibility



You are as powerful as you allow yourself to be. The eclipse in your sign takes place in your first house of self, which has you hungry to claim your space. Never doubt that what you have to contribute is valuable, or that your voice deserves to be heard. Only you can offer what you have to offer, and so many people could benefit from you sharing your magic. Whatever that looks like for you. This lunar cycle, set the intention to let yourself be seen – the spotlight is on you.

Commit to: Being you



Be curious about the deepest parts of yourself. This eclipse falls in your twelfth house of inner life, suffering, and karmic patterns, inspiring you to turn your gaze inwards. Doing shadow work takes courage, commitment, and tons of compassion – luckily, this astrological transit offers you these gifts in abundance. Be patient with your process. Know that it takes time to heal, and always trust that doing this kind of work yields results beyond what you can imagine. Trust that the more you work on yourself, the more everything else will fall into alignment. 

Commit to: Inner work



You want to feel like you’re a part of something greater. Finding friends whose values align with yours is a gift whose blessings will last a lifetime. The eclipse falls in your eleventh house of community, good fortune, and dreams for the future. You crave connection with more folks who get you on a deeper level. You’re hungry for friendships with people who share your beliefs, who have faith in your ability to realize your dreams. Everything you build in this life, you will build through community. Open to collaboration, compassion, and care.

Commit to: True friendship 



Your ambition is on fire this lunar cycle! The eclipse lands in your tenth house of career and public roles, gifting you with the vision and drive you need to make major moves over the course of the next cycle. Working in alignment with your values will make the magic of the moment go even further, so check in with your big picture goals. Do something every day to come closer to achieving them and commit to making that practice a routine. Inspiration comes and goes, but continued discipline is what will eventually yield the greatest results.

Commit to: Long-term career goals



Dreaming about the future is not indulgent. It’s necessary. This eclipse falls in your ninth house of long-term plans, travel, and imagination. You are full of expansive and ambitious and wonderful ideas. Take note of them. Don’t dismiss them. No matter how distant or impossible your plans might seem, take them seriously. Dreams are sacred. If you trust that you are capable of doing the work to turn them into reality, they will serve as invaluable guides. They will lead you to exactly where you need to go. 

Commit to: Your dreams


You are yearning to grow. The eclipse lands in your eighth house of death and transformation. It helps bring to your awareness all of the old beliefs, patterns, and versions of yourself that you’d like to shed. Transformation can be challenging and takes a lot of work. But the magic of this astrological transit gives you the strength you need to commit to long-lasting change. Do some journaling on what you want to leave behind and why. Get really specific about what you’d like to step into. You can be anyone you want to be. Have faith in your ability to become your best self.

Commit to: Moving forward



Teamwork can provide you with so much potential to grow, and right now, you’re longing to share meaningful parts of your life with others. The eclipse falls into your seventh house of romantic and business partnerships, opening you up to so many possibilities for connection and collaboration. To make the most of this energy, get really clear on what you’re looking for in partnerships. Are you looking to be challenged, or to be held? Do you crave emotional intimacy, or are you just looking to have fun? This is powerful manifestation magic, so make sure you’re using it towards what’s most in alignment.

Commit to: Honesty in partnerships



Don’t be afraid to give it your all. The eclipse lands in your sixth house of work, and gifts you with so much energy to dedicate to the projects that are most important to you. This is a moment of tremendous potential for you to grow your side hustle, reach out to collaborators, strive towards that promotion. Make sure you dedicate yourself to what you feel most passionate about to make the magic of the moment even more powerful. You have so much to do creatively, and so much to offer to the world.

Commit to: Putting in the hours



Your inner child is claiming center stage. Let her shine. The eclipse falls in your fifth house of pleasure, joy, and creative energy, awakening the part of you that just wants to have fun. So indulge. Let yourself play. Remember, you don’t need permission from anybody to be artistic, and you don’t have to feel talented to enjoy the creative process. In your free time, you don’t need to be productive. Take the pressure off what you create and see what blossoms! 

Commit to: Your inner artist





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