New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo

This lunar cycle begins in bright, courageous Leo, and is refreshing and revitalizing new beginning after July’s eclipses. The new moon sits in conjunction with motivating Mars and in a supportive trine to optimistic Jupiter, infusing any intention we set during this time with the ambition to make it happen and the faith to persist through obstacles. These astrological transits are extra supportive, extra strong, and extra lucky. In other words, believe in yourself always, but especially now - the dreams you invest in this cycle will arrive sooner than you imagine!


Nothing stops you when you feel you’re onto a good idea! Falling in your fifth house of creative and erotic energy, this new moon gifts you with divine inspiration. So go forth and create. Any lunar cycle beginning in Leo will bring you a healthy dose of confidence and optimism when it comes to your artistic or creative projects, so let yourself go wild! Remember, you don’t have to know how anything will turn out when you start - let your process be an adventure. Follow your heart and see where it leads you!

Envision: Your inner child


You shine your brightest when your light comes from within. This new moon falls into your fourth house of home and family, illuminating the foundations of your life. Pay attention to the space and the people that are with you every step of the way - do they nourish you? Do they reflect back to you the many things you adore about yourself? With this lunar cycle starting off in confident Leo, you’ll want to make sure your environment uplifts you and keeps you strong. Surround yourself with reminders of your own magic! 

Envision: Being nurtured


This new moon graces your third house of routine, ritual, and communication, and asks you to find joy in the little things in life. Any lunar cycle beginning in Leo brings positivity and luck to the area of your chart that it hits, so this month, fill your schedule with people and places that you light you up from within! Who and what are you grateful for, and how can you make room for them in your calendar to reflect that? Dedicate your energy to what matters most, and leave the rest. 

Envision: Alignment



Feeling secure and supported is essential for you, Cancer, and this lunar cycle asks you to double down on taking care of the resources that make that possible. Falling in your second house of money, this new moon shines a bright light on what’s working for you in this area of life, and, at the same time, reveals what might need improvement. This lunar cycle begins in hopeful and courageous Leo, and invites you to set ambitious goals for yourself in terms of your financial life. Whether that’s saving, asking for a raise, or paying off debt, challenge yourself to level up here!

Envision: Being held


You know your energy can light up any room, Leo, and more than anything, this new moon wants to see you shine! Any astrological transit in your first house of self will invite you to move closer to becoming the type of person you’d like to be in the world, so with this lunar cycle set a clear intention for who you’d like to become. You are as limitless as you allow yourself to be, so dream more than big. Dream huge. Believing in your power, in your ability to make your vision a reality, will take you further than you can imagine with these transits. We can’t wait to see what your magic will manifest! 

Envision: Your own glow



Your subconscious contains such powerful energy, Virgo, and this new moon in your twelfth house of karma and inner life lights up the creativity that grows from the deepest corners of your heart. All of the work that you’ve done to heal, to understand yourself, and to love yourself pays off. Believe that. The more effort you put into unraveling the difficult parts of life, the more creative potential you will discover through processing them. Working with the energy of this lunar cycle will connect you to your deepest source of power and magic - self-love!

Envision: Healing


Good friends know how to make space for you to shine, and this lunar cycle, all eyes are on you! This new moon lands in your eleventh house of community, friends, and hopes for the future, and offers you the opportunity to meet new folks who believe in you and your magic. Community is so essential in helping you reach your dreams - if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. This lunar cycle, reach out to that friend you’ve been meaning to grab drinks with, or join a new group you haven’t made time for. The connections you make now will take you farther than you think! 

Envision: Connection


All eyes are on you, professionally-speaking, so take credit where credit is due! This new moon falls in your tenth house of career and public roles, and offers new opportunities for growth as a reward for all of the hard work you’ve put in. The beginning of this lunar cycle invites you to challenge yourself to step just a bit outside of your professional comfort zone. Or, if you’re feeling spunky, to step far outside your comfort zone. The risks you take in your career, when they’re aligned with the work your soul wants to do, will carry you far this season. Take the leap! 

Envision: The spotlight


Truth-seeker, we know you’re always looking to find the greater meaning behind everything you do, and this new moon encourages you to do just that! Lighting up your ninth house of faith, long-term plans, and dreams, this new moon gives you the opportunity to reimagine what you want for your future. A healthy dose of optimism will serve you well here - believing in yourself is the first, and most important, step. Commit to your dreams, and they will become your reality. 

Envision: Your best life


Shedding old layers of yourself is an integral part of any growth process, and this new moon in your eighth house transformation shines a light on what you’d like to move on from. We know it can be scary to let go of people and situations that you’ve gotten used to, but challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone. With Mars and Jupiter supporting this new moon, courage is the name of the game! Dare to believe that you can be exactly the person you’d like to be. Do one little thing every day that will take you there. 

Envision: Growth


When you give yourself permission to shine, Aquarius, there’s no way people aren’t going to notice. So let yourself be big. Claim the space that is yours to claim! This new moon lands in your seventh house of business and romantic partnerships, and invites you to get clear on what you’re attracting. Trust that your good energy attracts good things to you. What do you want those things to be? Who do you want to be in partnership with at this moment? Remember, the more you believe in everything you have to offer, the more you magnetize towards you folks who believe in you too!

Envision: Harmony 


Connecting with what inspires you helps you hustle even harder, Pisces, and this new moon reminds you of everything you’re striving towards. Landing in your sixth house of labor, the lunar cycle begins by illuminating the motivation behind all of your hard work. Who you want to serve, how, and why are all questions to hone your answers to this season. When your work is fueled by passion, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish! 

Envision: Inspiration 




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Edited by Grace Duong, creator of Mystic Mondays. Fueled by a mission to empower women and their intuition, Grace helps align you to the everyday magic within you. Available for readings here.  

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