Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius

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After the ups and downs of eclipse season, the full moon in Aquarius is a clear-headed and clarifying blessing. Sitting in a sextile to Jupiter and opposed to Venus, this full moon wants to help us feel connected to others, no matter what. Aquarius is community-oriented and future-driven, so remember that you are not alone in pursuing whatever goals you set for yourself, whether at the beginning of the year or at the beginning of the month. Reach out to people that help you feel seen, loved, and supported. We are always stronger together! 


You’ve been pushing yourself far out of your comfort zone this year, Aries, challenging yourself to dream more boldly about the future and about the person you’d like to become. Big changes like the ones you’re trying to make aren’t possible unless we have support along the way, and luckily, this full moon in your eleventh house of friends, community, and good spirit comes to send you all the support you need. Spend time with folks who uplift you, who illuminate you inside and out. The more you surround yourself with people who believe in your potential, the more brightly you’ll shine. 

Release: Trying to do it all alone


The professional goals you set for yourself around the beginning of the year are finally coming to fruition, Taurus, so make sure to take a moment to celebrate yourself! This full moon falls into your tenth house of career and public roles, and draws much-wanted attention to your accomplishments. 2019 has had you doing a lot of work on getting clear of your patterns of self-sabotage and other unhelpful habits that prevent you from shining your brightest professionally. This lunar cycle begins by showing you just how far you’ve come. Take that and run with it, you’ve got even better places to go! 

Release: Fear of the spotlight


The astrological transits of 2019 have pushed you to get really specific about the future you envision for yourself. The full moon falls in your ninth house of dreams, values, and expansion, and shows you just how far you can go when you have the wisdom and confidence to take your dreams seriously. What wishes are coming into reality around this time? What major changes have you experienced in and around this month? Take stock of everything that feels like its on its way to fruition, and keep going! The universe has got your back on this one. 

Release: Inhibitions 


The astrological transits of 2019 want you to learn to love yourself even better, Cancer, and have had you focusing on tending to your wellness. Jupiter is moving through your sixth house of health, and sits in a supportive sextile to this full moon in your eighth house of transformation and mental anguish. A full moon in the eighth house highlights everything you’ve done to take care of yourself. All of the effort you put into giving your mental health the attention you need pays off. Always. Take note of what feels a little better this lunar cycle, what feels a little lighter. Remember, you always deserve your own care! 

Release: Being hard on yourself


Venus, Mars, Mercury and the sun are all moving through your first house of self, so this Leo season might have you feeling even more glorious and glamorous than usual. The full moon in Aquarius falls in your seventh house of intimate partnerships, drawing your attention away from yourself and towards the relationships that are most important to you. These astrological transits encourage you to think about how that working on yourself gives you more to offer in your partnerships - in romance, business, and even especially meaningful friendships. Filling your own cup always leaves you with more energy to fill others’. Share your light this season, and it’s sure to come back to you tenfold!

Release: Holding back in love


There’s a lot happening for you behind the scenes this year for you professionally-speaking. You’re planting many seeds that will soon be ready to harvest. This full moon in your sixth house of work lights up one of the projects you’ve been working on that you might feel is coming to completion. You might be ready to finally make that proposal, or send a piece of writing for publication, or take that next step to have your work more recognized than it has been so far this year. The beginning of this lunar cycle wants to support you in this, so don’t be shy! Claim the recognition you deserve. 

Release: All work and no pay


When you’re in the mood, you’re the life of any good party, Libra, and the astrological transits of this week just want you to keep playing! The full moon falls in your fifth house of leisure, pleasure, and creative pursuits, asking you to spend some quality time doing whatever feels most fun. Eclipse season felt heavy for a lot of us, and it’s lucky that the astrology of August invites you especially to chill. Do a lot of whatever it is that makes your heart sing. You deserve to feel a little lighter! 

Release: Pent-up stress


Since the beginning of the year, 2019 has invited you to reimagine what stability and security look like for you. Jupiter is moving through your second house of finances, amplifying the resources you have to support yourself. This full moon falls in your fourth house of home and, sitting in a helpful sextile to Jupiter, helps you to get really grounded. All of the work you’ve put into building relationships and creating a space that help you to recharge is coming to fruition. Spend time with people that feel most like family to you, and know that you are supported.

Release: Feeling ungrounded 


As Jupiter moves through your first house of self in 2019, you are growing closer every day to the most aligned version of yourself! Any major goals you set for yourself have to be backed up by daily action, and the full moon in your third house of routine and ritual shows you the results of the hard work you put in every day. Change is an alchemical process - it takes time and continued effort. If you’ve been putting in the work towards becoming the person you want to be, then this is a time to watch as your magic unfolds! 

Release: Pressure to succeed


With one of last month’s eclipses landing in your first house of self, the astrological transits recently may have been pretty heavy for you. If you’ve been feeling ungrounded or destabilized, the full moon in Aquarius comes as a blessing. Falling in your second house of money and inner resources, the full moon wants to help you find the ground beneath your feet. Spend your time or energy doing something that helps you to reconnect with what makes you feel most stabilized. You are always supported, through all of the ups and downs astrology may throw your way! 

Release: Feelings of instability 


As much as you might think you don’t like too much attention, this full moon won’t let you shy away from the spotlight! Illuminating your first house of self, today’s full moon highlights just how much you’ve come into yourself in 2019. This year began with an optimistic new moon in the same corner of your chart, and encouraged you to set big goals for your personal growth. So take credit for any progress you’ve made on your way to achieving them. Even if you still feel far from where you’d like to be, pay attention to what you have accomplished. Gratitude for the little things counts a lot this lunar cycle. 

Release: Fear of being seen


With Jupiter moving through your tenth house of career and expanding your professional opportunities, much of the astrology of 2019 has you focused on the external. However, the full moon falls in your twelfth house of inner life, suffering, and karma, and asks you to pause for a moment and look inwards. Well-supported and optimistic, this full moon helps you to get some clarity on something deeper you’ve been working through over the past few months. Perhaps something that felt heavy now feels a little lighter. Any time that you spend checking in on yourself is time-well spent. Give yourself your own care! 

Release: Pressure to perform





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