New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra

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The new moon in Libra arrives in the midst of both blessings and challenges. Sitting with Venus, and in a sextile to Jupiter, the sun and the moon also square Saturn. What this means is this lunar cycle we're all going to face our fair share of obstacles, but we have the patience to work to overcome them and the faith to persevere. Libra season wants us all to connect with what we find beautiful, so spend time with people and in places that inspire you, and draw strength from them!


The partnerships that are worth investing in are the ones that support you in your dreams even when you don’t believe in yourself. The new moon in Libra falls in your seventh house of committed relationships, business and romantic. Sitting in a helpful sextile to Jupiter but squaring Saturn, the astrological transits of this lunar cycle might have you calling on extra support from those who love you. Allow the people who believe in you to strengthen you. This season will certainly bring its obstacles, but with the right people on your side, you’re sure to overcome them!

Envision: Your ride-or-die


The new moon in Libra lands in your sixth house of work and employment, and gifts you with the energy and opportunity to commit to the projects most important to you in spite of any obstacles. There will, indeed, be obstacles - the sun and moon square Saturn in your ninth house of long-term plans. What this means is that now is not the time to try and understand how everything will work out in the long run. Don’t get bogged down in the details! Have faith that all of your little efforts will weave together into the future that you’re dreaming of. Take things one step at a time! 

Envision: Slowly but surely 


Your creativity is calling to you, Gemini, and now is the time to pay attention! The new moon falls in your fifth house of pleasure, art, and erotic energy, blessing you with vision and the drive to create. Take any inspiration that comes to you these days and run with it. What inspires you is sacred. Any projects started around this time have extra wind in their sails to grow beyond what you’ve ever imagined, so make time and space for your creativity to shine! Don’t worry too much about what anyone else thinks, yet. Remember, first and foremost, your art is for you! 

Envision: Creative play


Your home exists to hold space for your healing and restoration, and this lunar cycle wants you to take advantage of time to rest. The new moon lands in your fourth house of family, home and foundations, and, sitting with Venus, encourages you to do everything you’ve dreamed of to beautify your home. Buy yourself flowers, light candles, repaint, if that’s what’s in the cards for you. This is so much more than an aesthetic - remember, beauty heals! So whatever you need to do to feel like your space is as beautiful as you are. 

Envision: Your dream space


The beginning of fall brings the opportunity to clear away what doesn’t serve, and for you, Leo, this looks like clearing aside some space in your calendar. The new moon in Libra falls into your third house of routine, ritual, and scheduling, and invites you to do some serious organization. The last quarter of the year needs you to prioritize only what’s really important, so make time for finishing up projects you’ve already started rather than starting something new. Your energy is most powerful when it’s directed rather than scattered. Choose what matters, and nothing can stop you!

Envision: The best to-do list


Last season was all about you, Virgo, and you made major strides towards becoming the person you’ve always dreamed of growing into. Now, with the new moon falling into your second house of inner resources and money, it’s time to draw your attention to the resources that support you in everything you do. Remember, your finances exist to give you the freedom to pursue your dreams and take care of yourself. Being smart about money is a form at self-care that you deserve! We know you love the details, anyway, so get ready to take a good hard look at your bank account! 

Envision: Financial security


2019 has pushed you out of your comfort zone, Libra, and this new moon gifts you with an extra boost of optimism as you take on the challenges of becoming the best version of you. The new moon sits in your first house of self alongside your ruling planet, Venus, and squares Saturn in your fourth house of home and foundational beliefs. What this all means is that you are working every day to free yourself from the voice of your inner critic, from any insecurities from your past that tell you you’re not good enough. Remember, you are just as capable as you allow yourself to be! This full moon, make the choice to belief in your own magic, and it will take you exactly where you want to go. 

Envision: Overcoming 


The last few weeks have had you busy, Scorpio, and this lunar cycle invites you to turn your energy inwards. The new moon in Libra falls in your twelfth house of inner life, suffering, and karmic patterns, and wants you to take time to rest. With astrological transits in this part of the chart, it’s always a good idea to set aside time in your schedule, no matter how busy, to be with yourself. Your inner voice is an infinite source of wisdom, and these days, you two have a lot to catch up on. She has words of kindness and compassion for you to hear. Listen in, and you’ll receive the encouragement you need! 

Envision: Checking in with yourself


You’re the life of any party worth being at, Sagittarius, and this lunar cycle wants you to have a good time! The new moon in Libra falls in your eleventh house of community, friends, and hopes for the future, and invites you to set the intention to show up for your social life. Virgo season had you thinking a lot about your career, and Libra season wants you to blow off some steam. Call your besties, throw a party, say yes to the invites that come your way. Libra season is all about connection, so spend time with folks who help you feel seen, loved, and understood. We’re always stronger together! 

Envision: Your social circles expanding


Virgo season for you was all about getting clear on long-term plans and the most aligned future you envision for yourself. Now, with the new moon in Libra landing in your tenth house of career and public roles, it’s time for you to put those plans into action. Sitting with Venus and in a helpful sextile to Jupiter, this new moon is blessed with a little extra luck. Seeds you plant now are sure to sprout, so make sure you’re sowing what’s most in alignment. The hard work you put in around this time will carry you far! 

Envision: Professional next steps


2019 has had you re-envisioning the future that you envision for yourself and those around you, expanding your ideas of everything that’s possible for you. The new moon in Libra wants you to get serious about making moves towards those goals. Landing in your ninth house of long-term plans and dreams for the future, the new moon helps you to connect your ideals with the actions necessary to make them a reality. Vision boards are good, but if you’re making one, make sure you write a to-do list as well. You have people to see and things to do, so get going! 

Envision: Your most aligned future


The last full moon had you taking center stage, soaking up all of the blessings and attention the universe sent your way. Libra season has you turning inwards a little bit. Landing in your eighth house of death and transformation, the new moon highlights unhelpful habits, beliefs and behaviors that you need to release in order to grow. Dealing with this kind of energy can be difficult, so be extra gentle with yourself this lunar cycle! Trust that you are capable of making changes that need to be made, no matter how challenging they seem at the beginning. You got this! 

Envision: Lasting change




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