Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces

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Intuitive, imaginative, and maybe a little impractical, the full moon in Pisces helps you to discern which dreams are worth pursuing and which need to be put on the back burner. Sitting in conjunction with Neptune, the planet of both spirituality and illusion, this full moon challenges you to evaluate our progress clearly. Your intuition will be extra sensitive around this date, so drop in and listen to your wisest self. It’s likely some goals set in the past few months might not be so realistic, but recognizing what isn’t going to work out just frees you up to invest in what will. Don’t be afraid to let go of what doesn’t flow.


With Mars, Venus, Mercury and the sun all in your sixth house of work and hustle, Virgo season has had you putting in loads of overtime hours, but this full moon needs you to take a break. Landing in your twelfth house of inner life, suffering, and karmic patterns, the full moon in Pisces asks you to take a moment to look inward. Because the moon is sitting with Neptune, this is an extra good time to check in with your intuition or higher self to see which of the projects you’re working so hard on are in alignment, and which aren’t. Pull out your tarot cards, light a candle, do a little meditation. Your inner wisdom has important messages for you, so take the time to hear them! 

Release: The need to always be productive


You are never, ever alone, and this full moon in your eleventh house of good spirit, friends and community wants to remind you of that. 2019 has had you making major changes, both inside and out, and the astrological transits of this lunar cycle want you to recognize that there are always people who support you as you grow. Spend time with friends who uplift you, or with groups that have values aligned with yours. If this doesn’t feel possible at the moment, now is a really good time to reach out and start trying to build the kind of community you’ve always wanted. Surround yourself with people, places or things that make you feel loved! 

Release: The need to do it all alone


Since the beginning of the year, you’ve been putting in tons of work to reach big goals in your professional life. The full moon in Pisces lands in your tenth house of career and public roles, and shows you the results of all of your efforts. Do your best to soak in any praise, accolades, and acclaims that come in around this time. Even if you’re not where you thought you’d be or where you’d like to be, remember, you’re exactly where you need to be. There are still learning curves and late nights ahead, but right now, celebrate exactly where you are in this moment. You deserve to enjoy your accomplishments! 

Release: Always wanting to move on to the next thing


Landing in your ninth house of belief, spirituality, and plans for the future, the full moon in Pisces is extra imaginative for you. Neptune has been moving through this house for you over the past couple of years, expanding your vision of what you believe is possible for yourself and connecting you with dreams that are beyond wild. Some of your plans may be a little too far-reaching to be worth pursuing, but this full moon will help you to identify the ones that deserve your best effort. You can do this by checking in with your core values. Do everything you can to pursue the dreams that most align with your mission, and you’re unstoppable! 

Release: Your inner critic


Virgo season for you is all about your resources - you have Mars, Venus, Mercury and the sun all moving through your second house of money and finances. The full moon in Pisces, however, lands in your eighth house of both transformation and shared resources, and invites you to look at the ways in which you can be supported in your financial goals. Collaborations can be crucial sources of mutual support and growth, and with these astrological transits, it’s worth looking into what people connect you with your greatest creative potential. What you can build together with others has the possibility to be so much more powerful than what you build on your own. Give yourself permission to ask for support! 

Release: Being overly independent 


With Mars, Venus, Mercury and the sun all moving through your first house of self, this lunar cycle you’ve been dedicated to discerning what’s working and what’s not working for your life, and cutting out what doesn’t serve you. The full moon in Pisces lands in your seventh house of intimate partnerships, romantic or business, and gives you a moment of release from all this introspection and work on yourself. You’re so used to being of service to other people, but this astrological transit really encourages you to let yourself be taken care of. There are people who want to show up for you, who want to provide you the space to take a break from all your hard work. Let yourself be held. 

Release: Always being the caretaker


Falling in your sixth house of work and employment, the full moon in Pisces illuminates the results of the hustle you’ve put in over the past six months. Because the moon sits so close to Neptune, you might realize ways in which you’ve dedicated too much energy to projects that are a little too ambitious, a little-to-out of reach, a little too dreamy. Even though recognizing what doesn’t work can feel like a huge setback, in reality, cutting something out just frees you up to focus on what’s more possible at the moment. Take stock of where your professional energy is going, and make sure all of the channels are in alignment with long-term goals. 

Release: The need to do it all at once


As Neptune transits your fifth house of pleasure, play, and erotic energy, it infuses you with creative ideas that are wild and tons of fun. The full moon also falls in this house and, sitting close to Neptune, encourages you to let your imagination run free. Do a lot of whatever it is that you find most fun. Don’t place any limitations on your artistic or creative dreams. Give yourself permission to create without holding yourself to standards of perfection. Allowing yourself time to work with this energy does a lot to restore the mind and spirit, so just have fun with it! You’ll be surprised at the pathways your imagination opens for you. 

Release: Creative inhibitions


So far, this lunar cycle for you has been all about work - Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the sun are in Virgo in your tenth house career, gifting you with the energy to hustle hard when it comes to your profession. But the full moon in Pisces falls in your fourth house of family and foundations, and invites you to take a break from all the hard work to restore yourself with the people and places that feel most like home for you. All of the energy that you’ve invested into making a space your own this year will come back to you this full moon. Do a lot of whatever it is that makes you feel revitalized and rejuvenated. A little restoration goes a long way.

Release: All your stress from work


With Neptune moving through your third house of rituals, routines, and daily practices, this area of life may have been a little murky in the last few years. The full moon also falls in this house, and with it brings some clarity on what’s not working and needs to go. We know your ambitious Capricorn spirit wants to do it all, and that’s amazing! There’s a time and place for that, but these astrological transits encourage rest, not hustle. Eliminating a few things from your busy schedule will serve you well this lunar cycle. The more discerningly you organize your calendar, the better you’ll be able to channel your energy into the dreams really worth pursuing.

Release: The need to be busy all the time


Financial freedom is an important goal to work towards, and whatever intention you set for your bank accounts six months about with the new moon in Pisces is coming to fruition around this date. The full moon falls in your second house of money and resources, shedding light on the results of your saving strategies and entrepreneurial endeavors. Some of these may have been worth their weight in gold; others, not so much. If you’ve set goals that feel overwhelming or a little too ambitious, don’t stress about letting them go. Allow the clarity that comes with this full moon to highlight what’s really working for you, and don’t sweat the rest. 

Release: Overly ambitious financial goals


Virgo season has had you focusing on your partnerships, romantic or otherwise, but with this full moon in your first house of self, the spotlight is back on you for a moment. The full moon sits with Neptune, and so it encourages you to dream big about the person you’d like to become, even if growing into her will take lots of time and energy. These astrological transits are supportive for imagining the type of future you’d like for yourself, but it’s also essential to take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come since the beginning of the year. It’s easy to jump from one goal to the next without giving yourself the congratulations you deserve. So pause and take credit for all the ways in which you’ve grown. You’re making major moves! 

Release: Any pressure you put on yourself 




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