New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo

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With the end of Leo season, the cosmic energy transforms from bold, bright and inspiring to a little more practical, focused, and determined. In the skies, there is currently a stellium in Virgo - meaning five or more planets are in this sign. This is an invitation from the universe for us to dig into the details of our lives. As we enter the last quarter of 2019, this is a time to focus on how specifically we can move closer to achieving the goals we set out at the beginning of the year. As always, Virgo wants to help us make the best plan possible. So make the most of this energy by getting clear on where you’re going and how you’ll get there! 


You have so much drive to get things done these days, Aries, and the lunar cycle invites you to make the most of this ambition. Sitting with Venus, Mercury and your ruling planet Mars, this new moon falls into your sixth house of work, inviting you to set clear intentions for what you want to accomplish this season. You have a lot of energy these days, which is incredible. Make sure to protect it by being closely discerning about what deserves your time, and what doesn’t. You'll reap the most rewards if you’re doing work that feels like it challenges you without draining you too much. Respect your process, and you’re sure to make huge strides towards your goals this season! 

Envision: Your best effort


You’re growing and changing in radical ways this year, Taurus, and this lunar cycle wants to help you channel that into creative energy. Sitting with Mars, Mercury, and your ruling planet Venus all in your fifth house of creativity, the new moon in Virgo also trines Uranus in your first house of self. What this all means is that Uranus - radical transformation, upheaval, and revolution - is encouraging you to make major changes to your personality and has been all year. Creative expression can be a productive way to understand your inner processes, so let yourself create. Write, paint, draw, do whatever makes you feel restored. Have fun with it! 

Envision: Radical self-expression


Breaking old habits and patterns of thought can be challenging, but the astrological transits of this lunar cycle are very supportive of you making major change. Falling into your fourth house of family and foundation, the new moon is together with Mars and sits in a supportive trine to Uranus, which recently moved into your twelfth house of the subconscious. All together, transits like this invite you to unpack any subconscious baggage that may be holding you back, any behavior inherited from family patterns that you’d like to change. Remember that no matter where you’re coming from, you’re free to be whoever you choose to be! 

Envision: Moving forward


Virgo energy means putting everything in its place, and this lunar cycle, your focus should be on the little things. The new moon sits right next to Mars and near Venus and Mercury in your third house of ritual, routine, and daily practices. Because this is all happening in Virgo, the new moon serves as an invitation to you to be really discerning about how you spend your time. Remember that this is a precious resource - you have so much to give! Your deserve to be managed with care. Take a good look and see what you can cut out of your schedule to make more time for what really matters. 

Envision: Clearing your calendar 


Marking the end of your very own season, this lunar cycle shifts your focus away from personal growth and encourages you to focus on your finances. Venus, Mercury, and Mars are all sitting with the new moon in Virgo in your second house of resources, gifting you with tons of energy to sift through your habits of spending and your ability to receive. Because this is all happening in super-organized, detail-oriented Virgo, you’ll want to look at your bank accounts with a microscopic lens. Find out where your finances are a little leaky, and use what you save to invest in something truly worthwhile. 

Envision: Your most organized budget 


Nothing can stop you when you have a dream and a plan, Virgo, and this new moon helps you to get clear on both. (And, knowing you, probably a bunch of back-up plans also.) This lunar cycle begins with a new moon sitting right next to Mars in your first house of self, inviting you to connect to your personal ambition in the most healthy and constructive way possible. Set big goals and know how you’re getting there. When your inner critic rears her head to tell you all about why things work out, take a deep breath. Remember all of the reasons you have to believe in yourself - there are many! 

Envision: Being exactly where you need to be


The astrological transits of this season might have you a little more introverted than your usual, Libra, encouraging you to take time to care for yourself. The new moon in Virgo sits together with Mars and lands in your twelfth house of suffering and the subconscious, inspiring you to work on everything that’s going on behind the scenes. Mars, in particular, wants you to take purposeful action to clear away the psychological clutter. Dealing with emotional baggage isn’t always easy, but this lunar season, it will take you far. Trust that the more inner work you do, the more your external circumstances will start to fall into alignment. 

Envision: Self-care rituals


This lunar cycle, so much goodness can come to you through your friends and connections if you invest in the right relationships and give some space to the rest. The new moon in Virgo, sitting next to Mars, the planet of action and ambition, falls in your eleventh house of community, networks, and dreams for the future. With any Virgo-heavy astrology, the name of the game is discernment. Be selective about who you spend your time with. Be selective about who you choose to collaborate with. The more you trim away at what doesn’t serve, the more space you create for what’s most in alignment to make its way towards you! 

Envision: Being held by community


There are a lot of planets having out in your tenth house of career, which means for you this lunar cycle has tons of professional potential! The moon, the sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury are all together in this part of your chart for the new moon, connecting you with your greatest ambitions and aspirations. Mars is especially active in these transits, which helps you to back up your big ideas with lots of detail-oriented, methodical, Virgo-style action. Anything you set your mind to around this time has extra wind under its wings, so put in the extra time to make a foolproof plan of action. You’re on your way to great things! 

Envision: Your professional best self


The secret to your accomplishments is really just a good plan of action, and this new moon helps you to make just that. This lunar cycle kicks off with Mars sitting next to the new moon in your ninth house of values, long-term plans, and dreams, and reminds you of your big vision for your life. If you feel disconnected from a sense of purpose, these astrological transits are great for doing some brainstorming. And if you feel deeply connected to a certain mission on this planet, this is a time to take concrete, dedicated steps towards your goal. In either case, trust the timing of the universe. You’ll get to where you’re going! 

Envision: A master plan


Leo season had you taking a good look at love in your life, learning better how to give care and let yourself be cared for. This new moon in Virgo, in your eighth house of transformation and shared resources, shifts the focus from love to financial collaborations. This lunar cycle invites you to get creative and discerning about who you work with. Open to new opportunities that come your way, whether it’s starting a business with a colleague or starting a side hustle with a childhood friend. Work with people whose work inspires you to make the most of your potential. The best collaborations bring out the best in you! 

Envision: Your dream team


With Venus, Mars, Mercury, the sun and the moon all sitting in your seventh house of committed relationships, the astrological transits this Virgo season have you thinking deeply about partnership. The new moon is sitting next to Mars, inspiring you to take action towards manifesting the types of relationships you yearn for, whether they’re business or romantic or even committed friendships. There’s always something you can do to come closer to emanating the energy you’d like to attract, whether that’s joining a new activity, downloading an app, or changing your look! Take advantage of this astrology and commit to a plan. 

Envision: Committing to love




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