Butterfly Cosmic Creatures Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

Butterfly - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning

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Keywords: Metamorphosis, Grace, Unfolding

Element: Air


The flutter of a Butterfly brings change, transformation, and expansive growth. Life is full of cycles, and you are being eased into a new transition with grace, as the unknown unfolds into a beautiful path before you. The Butterfly brings lightness, reminding you to enjoy the simple pleasures that are always available—if you’re only willing to see them. You are being elevated into a new spiritual realm as you increase awareness of your habits and thought patterns and choose to create new stories instead of being burdened by old ones. Butterflies are all colors of the rainbow, and they encourage you to embrace the different shades of your personality. If you’re feeling inner conflict, ask yourself where that judgment is coming from. The Butterfly is a sign to accept yourself fully and to allow yourself to shine as vividly as you desire. The innocence of your soul is shining—let it be seen.


Butterfly - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Butterfly Cosmic Creatures Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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