Horse Cosmic Creatures Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

Horse - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning

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Keywords: Passion, Drive, Wildness

Element: Fire


Wild and free, the Horse can represent our willpower and drive to go all the way! Passion propels you forward and keeps you focused, as long as you’re connected to your purpose. The Horse trots along, masterfully navigating the road ahead as an extension of human consciousness. Take a look within and ask yourself, “What is my driving force? What motivates me to keep going when times get tough?” There’s a passion that wants to be expressed, an energy within you that can only be tamed for so long. Channel this energy in healthy ways, focusing on productive outlets that can transport you farther along your career path. The Horse works tirelessly and is able to make massive progress, but only when it is also connected to its heart. Don’t forget your heart’s mission as you gallop toward your victory and share your desires with the will of your mind, body, and soul.


Horse - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Horse Cosmic Creatures Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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