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Flamingo - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning

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Keywords: Balance, Centered, Socialize

Element: Air


Able to stand perfectly on one leg, the Flamingo can remain balanced amid chaos and connects you to your center of gravity. The Flamingo urges you to stay strong and to focus on one point. As in yoga, when striking a pose that requires your balance, you must focus ahead of you, remaining completely immersed in your moving meditation. The Flamingo is also a sign to let loose and have some fun! The iconic bird is pink, and the more pink it is, the stronger its well-being. Flush yourself pink by staying active! As a social bird, Flamingos like to live in large groups, bonding with multiple members over time. The Flamingo encourages you to try something new in a group activity, where you will be supported for expressing your true colors. Getting involved in your community helps keep you balanced with all of your other commitments. Balance can fluctuate, and so can you!


Flamingo - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Flamingo Cosmic Creatures Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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