Scorpion Cosmic Creatures Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

Scorpion - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning

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Keywords: Sting, Potency, Intensity

Element: Fire


Potent and powerful, Scorpions carry their tails curved over their backs, ready to strike their prey or predator with poisonous venom. Call upon the Scorpion when you are looking for extra protection, and don’t be afraid to spout that venom when you need to guard or attack to make a point. An ancient and adaptable Cosmic Creature, the Scorpion has been crawling this Earth for over 400 million years, longer than either humans or dinosaurs. Naturally, they carry the secrets of the Earth Mother and are a living testament to the tenacity to survive, despite environmental conditions. When a Scorpion crawls along your path, you will be challenged to transform, to grow out of your exoskeleton into a shinier, stronger, and brighter version of yourself. This is a sacred dance, to mature into the rhythm of your soul’s evolution. Cut the toxicity out of your life and release. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back.


Scorpion - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Scorpion Cosmic Creatures Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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