10th House Astro Alignment Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

10th House - Astro Alignment Card Meaning

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Astro Alignment Reference Guide

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Keywords: Career, Public Life, Reputation

Sign: Capricorn

Planet: Saturn

The tenth house represents your career and calling in life. The path to your dream job and the secrets to your advancement in society are embedded in the tenth house. Reputations are built through time and dedication, and as this house’s planetary ruler is Saturn, it contains lessons that can only be learned through discipline. To what cause are you willing to dedicate your life’s work? The tenth house speaks to your ambition and motivation to leave a legacy. It can also denote your relationship to power and authority figures. Through interpreting the placements in your tenth house, you can uncover the ways you’ll make your mark and contribute your gifts to humanity.


10th House - Astro Alignment Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

10th House Astro Alignment Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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