Lilith Astro Alignment Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

Lilith - Astro Alignment Card Meaning

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Astro Alignment Reference Guide

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Keywords: Power, Activism, Vengeance

Lilith embodies your dark side, representing your shadow, emotions like anger, and boundaries. Lilith embraces your inner authority and sense of justice. Sexuality is expressed here, especially those parts of yourself you choose to show only behind closed doors. Lilith walks a fine line between empowering and exposing you, depending on how well you own your vulnerabilities. Look to Lilith to explore the parts of you holding on to buried emotions like grief and how these emotions can propel you into taking aligned action, even if you are misunderstood.


Lilith - Astro Alignment Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Lilith Astro Alignment Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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