North Node Astro Alignment Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

North Node - Astro Alignment Card Meaning

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Astro Alignment Reference Guide

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Keywords: Destiny, Purpose, Activation

Average Sign Time: 18 Months 

Orbit: 18.5 Years

The North Node is a point of destiny and the path of evolution for you to fulfill your karmic purpose in this lifetime. The North Node calls on you to step into unexplored terrain that will require you to face challenges head-on, each lesson leveling you up toward soul satisfaction. It is often a stretch and requires you to step out of your comfort zone of the South Node, where your natural skills lie, to embody new skills that you can grow into and excel at. Through these tough lessons, you gain wisdom and activate your true purpose of what you’re here on Earth to do in this lifetime.


North Node - Astro Alignment Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

North Node Astro Alignment Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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