South Node Astro Alignment Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

South Node - Astro Alignment Card Meaning

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Astro Alignment Reference Guide

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Keywords: Past Lives, Natural Gifts, Karmic Challenges

Average Sign Time: 18 Months 

Orbit: 18.5 Years

The South Node acts as the gateway to the past, an illumination of your past lives and the gifts you’ve accessed from those lifetimes. These natural abilities will show up in early childhood, based on the zodiac sign at this node. Although these skills will come easily, it does not necessarily mean they will be fulfilling. The key is to use these South Node gifts to unlock the challenges that await you for greater growth and soul evolution. Aim to leave negative qualities behind as you develop into your North Node path.


South Node - Astro Alignment Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

South Node Astro Alignment Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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