Conjunction Astro Alignment Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

Conjunction - Astro Alignment Card Meaning

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Astro Alignment Reference Guide

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Keywords: Integration, Synergy, Unity

A conjunction is when two celestial bodies appear to be very close together or even in the same spot, merging their energies in the solar sky. Typically this is when the angle between them measures zero to ten degrees. Because of their proximity, they will most likely occupy the same zodiac sign. The planets in conjunction become a team, working together and intensifying their powers as a united force. However, that does not mean that their energies are always compatible. Depending on their traits, they can be harmonious or challenging to one another when their energies are blended. Look at your natal chart to see how conjunctions at the moment of your birth have influenced your personality, offering insight into your strengths and weaknesses.


Conjunction - Astro Alignment Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Conjunction Astro Alignment Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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