Eight of Cups Tarot Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

Eight of Cups - Tarot Card Meaning

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Upright: Introspection, Deeper Purpose, Brooding

Reversed: Avoidance, Paralyzing, Indecisive

Element: Water

Zodiac: Pisces

Planet: Saturn

Numerology: 8


Upright Meaning

Dissatisfaction with the day-to-day leads you to reevaluate your life, where you are, and where you’re headed. You’ve strived to get to this point on your path and you’re left feeling unfulfilled, seeking a deeper truth. There’s a buzz in your ear to give it all up and chase your joy, even if it doesn’t make sense yet. You’ve decided to take a stand for yourself and your happiness. Comfort in material and physical needs aren’t quite cutting it anymore, and you’re looking for a deeper connection with your purpose in life. Constant striving and achievement leaves you running on empty, neglecting yourself in the process. You’re in the mood for introspection, discovering how to best implement your plans in nourishing ways. Appreciate your journey so far in this transition period. You’re ready to move past being comfortable and to start feeding your soul!

Reversed Meaning

There are a lot of options in front of you and it’s hard to choose just one! The fear of missing out is keeping you stagnant, paralyzing you from moving forward with the options that you have. Weigh the pros and cons and make a decision. Decide which option is most emotionally fulfilling for you, and trust that the Universe will meet you at your point of action. You have a tendency to escape, the easiest way to deal with uncomfortable situations. Avoidance can lead to you walking aimlessly, eventually realizing that your lack of commitment is delaying your desire to find a place of belonging and acceptance. Even if that means walking away from what you currently have for a fresh start. Open your heart and commit to the love and intimacy that you deserve so that you are able to receive it.

Eight of Cups - Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Eight of Cups Tarot Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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