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Upright: Authority, Ambition, Power

Reversed: Tyranny, Domination, Headstrong

Element: Fire

Zodiac: Aries

Numerology: 4

 Four symbolizes structure, stability, and building a strong foundation. When you pull a card associated with number 4, it means that it’s time to build a strong and sturdy foundation for the future. This foundation will give you the strength to grow and keep building upon this foundation. Numerology 4 brings loyalty, practicality, and endurance. Four is also associated with the four elements (air, earth, fire, water) and the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter). It can also represent home and themes of ancestry. Your roots can be a source of support for sustainable growth when facing change.

The Emperor Tarot Card Description

The traditional Rider Waite depiction of the Emperor card features an older bearded man wearing red robes and a crown. He sits upon a stone throne with carved rams, representing Aries. He wields an ankh scepter in his right hand, and a globe, representing global domination, in his left hand. In the background are stark mountain landscapes.

 In the Mystic Monday’s Tarot deck, the Emperor card is depicted as an older bearded man adorning an animal skin as his crown and cape, with a bear head and cape adorned with claws. This symbolizes the primal nature of survival and war when it comes to the energy of the Emperor. He sits upon a red and purple throne. The sun is in the background, sitting high between two geometric pyramids that can also be mountains, depicting building structure and order.

 This card is written and illustrated by artist and author Grace Duong.

The Emperor Tarot Card Upright Meanings

General The Emperor Card Upright Meaning

The Emperor rules with the utmost authority and is the father figure of the tarot deck. He embodies structure and stability, complete with decisive action to easily manifest ideas in the form of accomplishment and monetary gain. His guidance and wise words are based on his worldly experience, and he’s got the battle scars to prove it! He reflects your ambitious side, where you seek status, success, and recognition. Maintaining your self discipline, controlling your emotions, and making levelheaded decisions will move you forward. The Emperor is a strategic thinker and urges you to carry out plans systematically and in a controlled manner. Embrace your inner warrior. Don’t be afraid to step into a role of leadership—you’re straight up slaying the game and nothing can stop you!

The Emperor Upright Meaning in Career

The Emperor embodies authority, meaning you could be leveling up in your workplace! You have put in the dedicated time and effort to move your company forward in a way where your colleagues are recognizing your leadership skills and trusting your command. This hard work and discipline is a skill that will carry you through the hard times, and you are using this tried and true work ethic to carry you through to the next level. The Emperor is also skilled at strategy, giving you the ability to set structures that can benefit your workplace operationally and make the most impact with team collaboration. The Emperor can also come to you as an influential mentor who carries themselves with authority and power.

The Emperor Upright Meaning in Finances

The Emperor has a strategic mind, so when it comes to your finances, set up systems that work for you! The Emperor has a disciplined mindset, asking you to take full responsibility over your financial landscape. Look at the big picture and see the vision of where you want to go. Use the energy of the Emperor to set the systems in motion so you can achieve your financial goals. This can come in the form of creating a monthly budget, buying stocks, investing in a company you believe in - whatever it is, make sure you stay committed to financial decisions that are working for you in the long term vision you have for yourself.

The Emperor Upright Meaning in Love

The Emperor holds a traditional presence when it comes to love, embedding logic in a realm of romance that may not have been there before! Relationships take effort and work, and the Emperor is asking you to stay dedicated to your committed relationships. If you are interested in dating a traditional significant other, the Emperor could work for you! If not, the presence of the Emperor can feel a bit stifling and outdated. When the Emperor appears as a potential love interest or partner, they are typically older and well-established in their industry. They may also appear stoic and traditionally masculine in how they relate to their emotions. 

The Emperor Upright Meaning in Health and Self-Care

Now is a great  time to review your systems and structures that you have in place to see if your life is operating at its absolute best capacity. Whether that means cleaning up your environment, organizing documents, cleaning out drawers, setting up file naming conventions, and whatever top notch organization you need, the Emperor guides you towards creating systems that induce ease. This could also mean cleaning up your diet, introducing new rituals that you’d like to turn into productive habits, and providing your mind, body, and soul the structure it needs to thrive.


The Emperor Tarot Card Reversed Meanings

General The Emperor Reversed Meaning

There is a domineering force in your life, whether it’s coming from you, your boss, or a father figure. Dealing with authority has left you feeling powerless under their controlling presence. Either you bend to the rules or you decide to stand up for yourself against this authoritative entity. This is a time where you feel inspired to start your own venture. Freeing yourself from the routine of corporate life and rigid bosses will allow you to become your own Emperor so that you can carve your own path. You have a low-key disdain for authority, but there may very well be a need for structure in your life. Creating your own structure with day-to-day activities can provide flexibility as it allows you to spend less time on organization and more time on creating the life you want to live.

The Emperor Reversed Meaning in Career

A lack of structure and discipline could be causing some confusion in the workplace. The Emperor Reversed in career could be asking you to embody more structure, even if you are the type of person that resists rules. You can embrace structure to give yourself more ease in your day-to-day affairs. On the other hand, this can indicate a working environment that is too rigid for your tastes and can feel like it is stifling your creativity. This can also indicate an authority figure, like a boss, who is abusing their power. Be wary of this toxic figure, and look out for your best interests in this scenario.

The Emperor Reversed Meaning in Finances

Your finances can currently feel overwhelming and out of control, which may be putting you in a headspin! The Emperor Reversed is indicating you are not operating at your maximum ability when it comes to your finances, and there may be something you’re overlooking due to your overwhelm. It’s best to approach your finances in a structured manner and get a good understanding of where you stand. Commit to a financial goal, whether it’s sticking to a budget, tracking your expenses, or seeking a financial advisor. To turn this ship around, you’ll need to develop skills of discipline.

The Emperor Reversed Meaning in Love

With love, the reversed Emperor tarot love meaning can indicate an imbalance of power and control in relationships. This can show up as dominance, manipulation, competition, and other signals that there could be a power struggle between you and your partner. This can cause tension if one partner tends to be more controlling than the other, stifling the relationship and repressing the other’s freedom to truly express themselves. If you are coming across a person like this, it’s time to reclaim your personal power and to remove yourself from cycles of abuse.

The Emperor Reversed Meaning in Health and Self-Care

When it comes to self-care and wellness, the Emperor reversed can indicate that your rituals have been slipping and you are involved in habits that are not very empowering. The Emperor is a wake up call that you are in control of your everyday life, and the sum of your actions lead to your overall outcome that shows up in your physical, mental, and emotional health. Little things you do today can make a huge impact. Make an effort to introduce small habits that can make a big impact down the road.


The Emperor - Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

The Emperor Tarot Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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