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Six of Swords - Tarot Card Meaning

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Upright: Transition, Migration, Letting Go

Reversed: Resistance, Stuck, Stagnation

Element: Air

Zodiac: Aquarius

Planet: Mercury

Numerology: 6


Upright Meaning

Times change with the rise of the tide, and right now you are doing your best to stay afloat! Change is not always easy, but this is a necessary transition in your life. You are braving troubled waters to catch bigger fish in the sea. New and strange environments may leave you feeling adrift, especially without your core humans and the comfort of your home. Just know that you can always come home to yourself when you start to feel overwhelmed. Leaving home base allows you to grow and expand in unexpected ways! Opportunities were limited in the past, and you ventured off to new territory to better your future. New land means a new perspective, as environment shapes us into who we are. Ride the waves—it’s easier to go with the flow than to resist the pull.

Reversed Meaning

Self-sabotage is controlling your actions without you even realizing it! By repeating these behaviors, it keeps you stuck in the same place rather than moving forward. No matter how hard you try, the past keeps catching up with you and it’s self-defeating, to say the least. Carrying emotional baggage leaves you heavy with memories you cannot change, lingering on to the present, and influencing the actions you take in the future. Fear of the unknown keeps you safe, even though it is stagnant. The Six of Swords Reversed is a gentle reminder that change is good and encourages you to be brave during this transition. It will open doors you didn’t know existed, but you have to trust the process. Open yourself up and allow yourself to transition to a new place.

Six of Swords - Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Six of Swords Tarot Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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