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The Lovers - Tarot Card Meaning

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Upright: Love, Alignment, Choices

Reversed: Imbalance, Misalignment, Differences

Element: Air

Zodiac: Gemini

Numerology: 6

Six symbolizes communication, flow, and harmony. When you pull a card associated with the number 6, it means that there is a desire for alignment and synergy. This could be with yourself or with the relationships that you have. Numerology 6 energy can feel like fate is at play here, bringing a sense of destiny for a fated connection. Six embodies good fortune, nurturance, a happy home, and prosperous health. Trust that life is unfolding as it should and lean into the present moment for the fortuitous happenings to be at play.

The Lovers Tarot Card Description

The traditional Rider Waite depiction of the Lovers card features a man and a woman standing naked in what appears to be the Garden of Eden. The Tree of Knowledge stands behind Eve, representing good and evil, with a serpent wrapped around its trunk. The Tree of Life stands behind Adam, representing the connection between Earth and Heaven. An angel in the center is Raphael, an angel of air and represents the Gemini sign which rules this card. There is much balance, duality, and union represented here in the Lovers card.

In the Mystic Monday’s Tarot deck, the Lovers card is depicted as two flamingos facing each other with their beaks touching, as if they are kissing. A heart forms in the negative space between their heads, necks, and bodies. They are in perfect synchronicity with each other. They stand on a path that eventually forks into two paths, representing the choices made within the Lovers card. A palm tree stands in the center in the distance, harkening to the Tree of Knowledge and Tree of Life in the original Rider Waite Tarot card. There are two mountains or hills in the background indicating that love can bring challenges, but it is up to the partnership if they will climb that hill together.

This card is illustrated by artist and author Grace Duong.

The Lovers Tarot Card Upright Meanings

General The Lovers Card Upright Meaning

Love is in the air! A strong bond between two lovers is flourishing, and it can feel like utter perfection. There is passion, desire, and mutual attraction, and this can often reflect marriage, a soulmate connection, or a super-close intimate relationship. Mind, body, and soul are intertwined, completing each other to feel whole. Besides partners, this could also mean that you are aligning yourself much more closely with your core values. Choices will be presented to you, testing your assessment of what feels best for you. Stay true to yourself, even if outside noise may say otherwise. Only you know what your true desires are, and only you can make those decisions to be honest with yourself. Your intentions will point you to the path to your heart’s deepest desires.

The Lovers Upright Meaning in Career

The Lovers tarot card is a great sign for partnership, whether it be in love or business, or both! This can indicate a relationship that is complementary to the skill sets that both partners offer, like a visionary and integrator partnership. If mixing business and pleasure, although this type of relationship can work, it opens up choices and decisions that need to be made such as the boundaries between love and work. It also plants the seed for a ripe romantic relationship to happen at a workplace. If it is purely a business relationship, you will have to align on core values and have a way of making decisions together as a team. If you are not interested in a business partnership, this can speak to if you are feeling aligned with the choices you made in your career and what you can shift in your life to make it a career that you truly love.

The Lovers Upright Meaning in Finances

The Lovers card with finances can signify having to come in alignment with your values to make the best financial decisions. You will most likely be faced with choices, whether it’s cutting expenses, or choosing to save, you’ll have to make these decisions from a place of alignment that this decision is the next best step for you to achieve your financial goals. Note that whatever choices you make can have a larger impact on your future, creating a ripple effect for what’s to come. That is why choosing from a place that feels right versus what you think to be right could make a huge difference in the outcome ahead of you. When what you feel and what you think line up, then you know you’re right on the money!

The Lovers Upright Meaning in Love

The Lovers tarot card is a positive sign for love and relationships, whether new or established! The Lovers card represents symmetry in relationships, a balance between duality, and melding complementary traits to create a relationship that feels whole. This is a well-matched partnership that can bring much happiness and harmony to those involved. The Lovers is also a card of alignment, choices, and values - having to find alignment between one’s individual values and choosing each other in the process. This can also mean choosing yourself first, and making sure that by prioritizing yourself, you are attracting the right partner from a place of wholeness, rather than attracting a partnership from a place of loneliness or need. The Lovers tarot card is all about commitment, and can represent how committed you are to this relationship, to the lifestyle you create, and even to love itself. Sometimes love indicates a sacrifice, putting the relationship first so that you grow together. Love is one of the greatest paths for growth, and relationships are the vehicles to take along the path.

The Lovers Upright Meaning in Health and Self-Care

Are you giving yourself the love and affection that you deserve? A nice self-care practice you could do is write a love letter to yourself and read it to yourself while looking in the mirror. This is called mirror work, and this can help boost your confidence if you are experiencing any feelings of insecurity. This is also a reminder to be kind to yourself and to talk to yourself like a best friend would. Acknowledge your unique beauty, gifts, and everything that you have to offer to the world. The longest relationship you have is with you, so make sure to treat yourself like a loved one would.


The Lovers Tarot Card Reversed Meanings

General The Lovers Reversed Meaning

There is a theme of misalignment in your life, whether it is with a lover or within your own core values. If it is with a lover, you may be realizing that there are fundamental differences between the two of you that cannot be reconciled. To put it bluntly, the honeymoon phase is over. It is your choice to decide if you are willing to set aside your differences and remember what brought you together in the first place! If the imbalance resides with your values, it may be that you are making impulsive decisions and are blinded by your desires. In both cases, it would be wise to clarify what it is that you need out of your relationships, both with your partner and with yourself. Communication and introspection are key, so start making amends or let it go.

The Lovers Reversed Meaning in Career

Discord is present in your work relationships at this time when the Lovers card is reversed. There may be misunderstandings in communication which is causing conflict and frustration. Now is the time to get on the same page and work through the conflict to reach a resolution so all parties can agree and move forward. This would also be a good opportunity to review your coworker’s love language and how they like to be treated, as well as their communication style so that you are communicating in a way they can understand and vice versa. This can also indicate a romantic relationship that originated at work but has the potential to turn sour. Look for the red flags and see if this relationship is worth pursuing in the face of risking your career ambitions.

The Lovers Reversed Meaning in Finances

When it comes to finances, the Lovers reversed can indicate acting out of character with your financial decisions to fill an emotional void. Look at how you’re spending for immediate gratification versus slowing down and assessing the situation at hand. If you’re feeling deeply hurt by your life circumstances, see how you can provide yourself the love and nourishment you need so that you’re not making the situation worse. The Lovers Reversed and point to irresponsible behavior and actions that are out of alignment with one’s values when it comes to your financial decisions. Realign yourself with the big picture of what you’re building for yourself long term.

The Lovers Reversed Meaning in Love

In love, the Lovers reversed can indicate a fear of commitment and not wanting to make a decision to settle down with anyone. You’re enjoying the single life and you are playing the field. This can be a time of fun and getting to know yourself as an individual so that when you are ready for a relationship, you know yourself fully and will not get swallowed up by merging with another person. However, this can also indicate overwhelm by having too many choices to choose from and balancing all of your suitors. 

In a relationship, this can symbolize a relationship that is going through some rocky moments, with misaligned values that are causing frustration and a source of contention in the relationship. You may choose to evolve together, get through the issues, and come back to a place of understanding, or you may choose your individual selves and part ways. Either way, the Lovers reversed indicates a choice must be made.

The Lovers Reversed Meaning in Health and Self-Care

When the Lovers card is reversed, there is misalignment in your life. Look to your mind, body, and spirit to see where the misalignment lies. Sometimes, this indicates a choice that must be made. Make a list of what is currently going well in your life, and the things that you’d like to change. Look at the items you can adjust or eliminate that are causing negative feelings and effects in your life. Sometimes, this means having a deep conversation with someone important to you that may be uncomfortable, but can help clear the air. Whatever it is, prioritize your wellbeing and choose yourself first.


The Lovers - Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

The Lovers Tarot Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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