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Upright: Victory, Willpower, Inner Drive

Reversed: Directionless, Off-Course, Roaming

Element: Water

Zodiac: Cancer

Numerology: 7

Seven symbolizes reflection, introspection, and assessment. When you pull a card associated with the number 7, it means that spirit is behind the scenes and leading you to the desires you’ve been patiently waiting for. Seven brings surprises and awakens you to follow your dreams and pursue your goals. This involves reflecting on what you really want and assessing what is working and what is not. Numerology 7 instills perseverance to follow through and to keep going, even if you don’t see results right away.

The Chariot Tarot Card Description

The traditional Rider Waite depiction of the Chariot card features a powerful masculine figure that could be a Prince, riding on a chariot pulled by two sphinxes, one black and one white. The chariot is draped with celestial cloth filled with a pattern of white stars. The figure wears a crown adorned with a star and wears elaborate armor that has two crescent moons on each shoulder. The element of Earth is symbolized by a square on his chest, representing the material world. In the background lies a kingdom.

In the Mystic Monday’s Tarot deck, the Chariot card is depicted as a feminine figure riding a chariot with a sphinx’s head, guided by the inner knowledge and wisdom to chase one’s dreams. She is flying high over three mountainous sand dunes, hair whipping in the wind at the high velocity they are traveling in the sky. A bright sun burns in the background, aiding her ability to shine in her talents.

This card is written and illustrated by artist and author Grace Duong.

The Chariot Tarot Card Upright Meanings

General The Chariot Card Upright Meaning

Vroom! You’ve got your hands on the steering wheel and you are ready to go! You are laser-focused on your goals, and your willpower is driving you straight towards your destination. The road may have a few bumps along the way but—with your determination, confidence, and inner drive—you’ll get through it, safe and sound. The challenges that you bump up against on your journey will ultimately make you stronger. Maintain focus, and you will reach your destination with roaring success! Enjoy each stop along the path while it lasts because it’ll make the end goal feel so much more worth it. Remember to run your own race and to ignore the haters. We all have different talents to offer and if you keep focused on yours, you will win the race with style and finesse. Keep your eye on the prize.

The Chariot Upright Meaning in Career

The Chariot tarot card represents sheer willpower, and when it comes to career, the Chariot indicates much success is ahead of you should you stay focused on your goals. This is the time to take action and to follow your dreams! Your ambitions are within your reach, and you have the drive to make it to your destination. Use this boost of motivation to level up in your career, whether it’s by obtaining a new job, role, or status in your workplace or industry. You can stand out as a leader in your field at this time, driving your reputation forward with your accolades of achievements. If there’s been something you’ve wanted to do, the Chariot card is a clear sign to go for it!

The Chariot Upright Meaning in Finances

If you’ve weighing a financial decision, the Chariot card is asking you to trust your gut and go for it! The Chariot card is a great sign to take action and that the risks you take will turn into rewards. This can also be a boost of motivation to go through the financial tasks that you normally find can drag. Whether that be reviewing financial statements, researching financially sound investments, or anything else, now is the time to get over those hurdles and take the time to take your financial health to the next level.

The Chariot Upright Meaning in Love

In love, the Chariot indicates confidence and knowing what you want in relationships. The ball is in your court, and it’s your move to make the plays! If there is a certain person you have in mind that you are interested in, the Chariot symbolizes success in winning this person over. The Chariot can represent reaching a destination, and as life can easily take you by the whims of your desires, the Chariot is reminding you to stay true to your long term goals. What is it that you want in a relationship? Get clear on what you’re looking for, and you’ll find that who and what you attract into your love life will be magnetized!

The Chariot Upright Meaning in Health and Self-Care

With the Chariot card on your side, the forces are on your side to reach your goals! Now is the time to do any activities that make you feel powerful. Dress in your favorite outfit so you feel your best at an important meeting. Practice empowering body language that takes up space rather than shrinking yourself small. Go to the gym and do repetitive sets that involve building muscle with strength training. Go out there and make your presence known!


The Chariot Tarot Card Reversed Meanings

General The Chariot Reversed Meaning

Time to get in the driver’s seat! Life is running you over with way too much drama that you can barely keep up with. You may be feeling like you have lost control over certain aspects of your life. Take the steering wheel and chart a new course on the map. Make a decision on where the destination is, and don’t get discouraged when you hit some road blocks along the way. Make a move and gain back control! Watch your road rage, as you will regret it later. Evaluate where to best channel your energy to make lasting changes and what might be a dead end. Give yourself a sense of direction by choosing to live a life with purpose. Forcing outcomes can be disappointing and will not ultimately satisfy your needs. Practice the act of allowing, and things will naturally unfold.

The Chariot Reversed Meaning in Career

In career, the Chariot can point to a lack of motivation to achieve your goals. You may not be feeling very confident in your skills and may be caught up in comparing yourself to others. This is a time to get really clear about your desires and notice if there are any blocks standing in your way. The Chariot reversed can indicate a detour in reaching your goals, and that may be exactly what you need right now to refocus. Alternatively, this can speak to your ambition on overdrive, and aggressively pursuing your goals to the point of pushing others down while trying to boost yourself up. Find the balance between control and letting go so you can reach your goals without burning bridges along the way.

The Chariot Reversed Meaning in Finances

The Chariot reversed in finances can indicate overconfidence when it comes to your finances. Take an astute look at your finances and make decisions based on a more conservative approach to avoid anything you may regret. The Chariot reversed can be an awakening that your finances might not be in the best shape or that you might not have the right financial manager on your team. Make sure all parts of the engine are running smoothly so that you can rest easy that your money is in safe hands. Rather than rushing into a financial decision, do the opposite and take your time, so you can ensure you are headed in the right direction towards your big financial goals.

The Chariot Reversed Meaning in Love

When it comes to love, the Chariot tarot love meaning reversed can indicate obsessively thinking about your love life, to the point of driving away the very suitors that you wanted to attract! This can give off an energy of desperation when trying to control the outcome, and can put people off that may be initially attracted to you but aren’t on the same wavelength in terms of committing. Love is a partnership, and a reversed Chariot in love can symbolize our own self-sabotaging behaviors when we are so singularly focused on what we want versus allowing the Universe to deliver to you what you desire. The Chariot reversed asks that you let go of the wheel and surrender to the goodness that life has to offer to you. Work on improving your self-confidence and trust to attract love rather than chasing it.

The Chariot Reversed Meaning in Health and Self-Care

With the Chariot reversed, when it comes to self-care and wellness, you can be feeling powerless and at the hands of situations that are out of your control. You could be falling into patterns of victimhood and blaming yourself or others for what has recently happened. Try to pull yourself out of it by rewriting the narrative. What have you learned from this situation and how can you empower yourself to overcome these challenges? If you are the hero of your own story, how would this character be empowered to shift things around? Use this as a journaling prompt.


The Chariot - Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

The Chariot Tarot Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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