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Two of Wands - Tarot Card Meaning

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Upright: Advance, Explore, Prospects

Reversed: Doubt, Limitations, Comfort Zone

Element: Fire

Zodiac: Aries

Planet: Mars

Numerology: 2


Upright Meaning

A new world is calling your name and you are confidently stepping forward, ready to see what’s next! There is an enticing path laid before you, and you have conceptualized a plan to take action and progress toward your bigger ambitions. However, you’re faced with leaving your comfort zone to venture off into unfamiliar territory. The big picture is clear, and you know what you are capable of. Bold and fearless, as you step into your own personal power you enable others to do the same. Making the decision to leave the comfort of home is not always easy, but can be necessary for your personal growth. Take the risk! And have a backup plan. You will learn so much about yourself and discover the world in so many ways. As J.R.R. Tolkien wrote, “Not all those who wander are lost.”

Reversed Meaning

So many ideas, but where to begin! Your creative genius is hard at work, churning out possibilities, however, not making any real progress without concrete next steps. Think about what your big-picture vision is and narrow down your ideas to the one that will get you where you want to go. By prioritizing your passion, you are prioritizing yourself. The road ahead offers many possibilities, but you may be experiencing resistance to going down that path. There is a fear of leaving familiar ground, and you would prefer to stay in your comfort zone, even though you may realize that it is limiting how much you can grow. Listen to your inner voice and let it guide you to where your inspiration lies. Give yourself permission to follow your passion!

Two of Wands - Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Two of Wands Tarot Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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