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Knight of Wands - Tarot Card Meaning

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Upright: Ambition, Risk Taker, Action Oriented

Reversed: Impatience, Carelessness, Rashness

Element: Fire

Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius

Numerology: 12


Upright Meaning

Act first, think later. Driven by fiery ambition, the Knight of Wands is ready to take on the world and proclaim his spot among the best. Passionate about his path, he is fully committed to making his dreams come true. Bursting with enthusiasm, he is easily carried away by the allure of fame and glory, and will rush into circumstances that will put him in first place. Balance out your impulses with rational thinking and think about the road ahead. Don’t wait for things to come to you—take every opportunity that you can get! Forging forward with speed can free you from second-guessing your actions. Although you may not know what is next, the Knight of Wands encourages you to swiftly move forward. Be up for the adventure and see what’s next!

Reversed Meaning

Living moment to moment, the Knight of Wands Reversed indicates a loss of control through his impatience and reckless behavior. Impulsive actions lead to mistakes, rushing ahead without thinking about possible repercussions. Frustration and anger arise with every delay that occurs, and only get worse as time rolls along. Taking risks pushes you ahead, but there are times to be cautious as well. Failure to think ahead has you scrambling to manage the day-to-day activities, with even more wasted energy used to put out fires. Realign back to your vision and give yourself time to structure a plan. You deserve to succeed, which means properly thinking through each step and how to implement it. Have patience! You will get to where you need to go in time.

Knight of Wands - Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Knight of Wands Tarot Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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