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Three of Swords - Tarot Card Meaning

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Upright: Heartbreak, Rejection, Pain

Reversed: Releasing Pain, Healing Heart, Forgiveness

Element: Air

Zodiac: Libra

Planet: Saturn

Numerology: 3


Upright Meaning

Pain pierces the heart, puncturing the soul in the process. Heartbreak is never easy, as you are overcome with grief so large it engulfs you completely. Sacrifices and broken relationships weigh heavy on your heart, taking up all of your mental space. Rejection, doubt, loneliness, and betrayal follow you, as you heal yourself from your wounds from this emotional blow. Trust that you are strong enough to survive, and eventually the aches will subside with time. The most painful lessons define our strength of character. Use this powerful emotion as fuel! Cry it out if you need to. Smash something, punch your pillow—anything that will help you release these strong emotions. You’ll feel better once you allow yourself to lean into the discomfort and fully feel the pain.

Reversed Meaning

Broken hearts mend with time. You’ve given yourself a period to mourn your losses and you are now ready to let go and move on. The swords are sliding out of your broken heart, releasing you from your prism of pain. From numbness to heartache, your rollercoaster of emotions is at its end of the ride, giving you freedom to look forward with hope and deeper understanding of your needs and wants. The past still lingers in the shadows of your periphery, haunting your memories with pangs of remorse for what once was. Forgiveness to yourself and those who hurt you will cleanse your soul of sadness, so that eventually you can make room for joy, once again. Healing is a process, so be proud of yourself for all the work that you’ve done to be in a place to move on.

Three of Swords - Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Three of Swords Tarot Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

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